Family Photo Collage with Rustic Tag Clips and Twine

We have a little niche in our den that doesn’t really serve a purpose. There used to be a wet bar there and we tore it out years ago, leaving a little area next to the fireplace that could be a nice little reading corner if I ever find a cozy chair and ottoman toContinue reading “Family Photo Collage with Rustic Tag Clips and Twine”

wall words

One year ago I received a gift. Today I finally got up the nerve to use it. Well…okay, not nerve. I finally picked out a place to use it. Vinyl lettering for walls; a test in patience. I passed the test and the wall turned out nice. We have this small alcove in our denContinue reading “wall words”

Going Back Home…

Our daughter, son in law and their four children (four of our 9.5 grandchildren) recently visited our home for ten days. Actually the grand children were here for 10 days, mom and dad hopped on a plane and flew to Boston for a conference and it just so happens that it was also their 12thContinue reading “Going Back Home…”