Family Photo Collage with Rustic Tag Clips and Twine

We have a little niche in our den that doesn’t really serve a purpose. There used to be a wet bar there and we tore it out years ago, leaving a little area next to the fireplace that could be a nice little reading corner if I ever find a cozy chair and ottoman to nest there.

It had my cedar chest there for awhile, then a desk, now a chair that no one sits in. But it’s a pretty cool chair with a really awesome chippy shutter behind it.   It’s great for taking photos of my finished afghans, for my Ravelry project files.   Like this afghan below.  It has a sweet little story to go with it, I’ll share that soon.

Sienna Crocheted Afghan

I had plans to fill the walls of this area with family photos…but somehow that plan took a detour.  I did get one picture up and then never got back to getting that project completed.

Family Alcove stage three

All that to say, that  I was playing around with some ideas the other day and made a fun little photo collage out of my rustic tag clips and some twine.

I even toyed with the idea of making several and listing them in my Etsy shop, but I haven’t quite perfected this design, so I’m going to push it on the back burner for awhile, but that’s not going to stop me from showing ya’ll how it turned out.

I spent more time on my computer trying to locate photos of my kids and their families, than I did on this little design.  But I finally found some great pics and printed them out on computer paper in black and white.  I wanted a frayed edge rather than straight, so I tore the extra paper from around the photos, then arranged them on the photo clips.

Photo Collage

I got all five chick-a-dees up and one happen to have my mug in the photo with Jake because I couldn’t find one of him alone.  You’ll never guess who felt left out….it wasn’t Rudy.  Yep, my hubby commented on not being part of the wall of fame.  Mr. Drama!

I told him he would have pulled attention away from the other photos so I opted to leave his out….no I didn’t.  It was intended for showcasing our five kiddos and their kiddos.

Family Photo Collage

Now that it’s been hanging their for a few months, it’s sort of growing on me.  Still not sure I want to make a bunch and sell them, but I’m happy to have this one hanging in this small space in my home.

I am filling my shop with the single photo clips, getting ready for the Christmas shoppers.  They are great for hanging photos, special cards or even vintage sheet music, on your Christmas tree.  Also great for using as gift tags that people can keep and hang on their tree.  They come in sets of 24 or 12 and my customers receive a small sample package of 3 clips when they spend $20 or more in my Etsy shop, from now until December 24th.  (custom orders included)


Speaking of Christmas trees…when do you put yours up?  Before Thanksgiving or after?

peace. love. rust.




One thought on “Family Photo Collage with Rustic Tag Clips and Twine

  1. Hi Cindi-
    Love that rustic chair in the corner! It looks cozy already, but only for a minute. Maybe a cushion would make it more comfy until you find something different? these clips are sweet and really nice with the kids pictures! Cute idea to use them on your tree, too!

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