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One year ago I received a gift. Today I finally got up the nerve to use it. Well…okay, not nerve. I finally picked out a place to use it. Vinyl lettering for walls; a test in patience. I passed the test and the wall turned out nice.

We have this small alcove in our den that used to have a wet bar built in and I removed it with place to possibly put in built in book cases or a desk area. But we never got around to that…maybe someday. For now it’s just an alcove, and a great area to add some words.

First I hung on of my wire crosses. It once hung next to the front door, but since the redo things will live in different areas, partly because the board and batten walls are posing a bit of a design challenge for me. I feel confident that I will master the challenge but it may take a bit more planning.

I placed the cross off center to allow room for the lettering.

Then added the first word…”Family”

Easy enough. Just can’t rush through it.

At this point I felt like success was within reach.

and then…


I hit a wall.  No pun intended.

The sentence that was supposed to sit right under the word “Family”, really didn’t, at least not like in the photo on the packaging.  No big deal really, I got it in position and began rubbing.  I really expected this would work just like the first word.  Nope. it didn’t. and it was a tedious process.  The letters came out okay.  I can see where the bad places are; but know one else will notice.

More photos will be added over time, but for now it’s just this one.

And there sits that cedar chest, still begging for a coat of paint.   hum…it looks off center, I just noticed.

So now this area is checked off my list.

Today was filled with touch up painting and word art on the wall.  Things are moving right along…that is until I tear up something else 🙂  We hit 77 degrees today.  I had windows and doors open, it was pretty awesome, for the end of January that is.

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7 thoughts on “wall words

  1. Wasn’t it gorgeous in Texas today?
    I think you did great with the lettering. I have board and batten and ours was a little high…so it has been a challenge for me too. I don’t like having things so high up on the walls… I’m only 5’4”…
    I do love my board and batten though.

    take care…can’t wait to see more of your living space re-do!

  2. We always see the imperfections and we forget that others won’t. I see a beautiful little spot and didn’t notice a thing wrong!! Great job 🙂

  3. Great job. I love the sentiment. That truly turned into a nice little niche. I love the chest. don’t paint it, it looks awesome.
    I have been wanting to try some of the wall words. Your looks so nice, I may give it a try.
    Thanks for you following.
    Blessings, Ginger

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