Going Back Home…

Our daughter, son in law and their four children (four of our 9.5 grandchildren) recently visited our home for ten days. Actually the grand children were here for 10 days, mom and dad hopped on a plane and flew to Boston for a conference and it just so happens that it was also their 12th wedding anniversary, I really hoped they would take some time and enjoy each other and take a drive through the Massachusetts countryside.

Turns out they did do some driving away from the city, took in a Sunday morning church service and had dinner with my husbands brother. They enjoyed that time but I know they missed their babies very much as well as their routine and their home. But they still had a whole week here at our house and I couldn’t help but wonder what it is like for my children to come home to the place they grew up.

As a child I grew up in several different homes, four to be exact…actually there were more, but these four are within my “memorable years” the others were when I was a baby or to short of a stay to want to remember. So I don’t have a home that I grew up in to go back and visit.
My son in law does, my children do…I can’t imagine what it is like to “go home” or “come back home”.

I think it must be grand.

I found this music video from Sara Groves this morning and as I watched it, I teared up a little but then I began to wonder what it must be like to go back and visit the home you grew up in.

As you watch you will here Sara say; “there’s a memory in every corner”…

WOW! that’s must be what my children experience when they come home…a memory in every room.

Some are good, some not so good…but still, a memory.


Have a look and see if you feel a stirring of home.

” A memory in every corner…”


Did you feel and relate to her memories as she walked through her old home?

…and her comment on how everything seems smaller, I can relate to that as I have gone back to see the homes I lived in and they looked so much smaller than I remembered.

But did you notice the door? Love it! and the hard wood floors…the wide baseboards?

That house has great bones!

Know what else I noticed?

In the pictures she had of her growing up in that house, it’s how the furnishings didn’t seem to be the focus of the home as they are today. You know the material things…they had the basics and that was it and from what I saw that was all they needed because family, friends and love filled their home with warmth and memories.

What memories do you have of your home?

Are your parents still living in the home where you grew up?

Are the smells the same?

Do you still feel like it is your home?

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