In 12 Hours We Got a New Laundry Room

The day began like most weekend days, coffee with my guy in the backyard by the pool.

We sat in silence for awhile, sipping our coffee and watching Rudy chase squirrels, then I asked hubby what he would like to do that day. We considered a day at the flea market…fresh air, exercise and trolling for rusty treasures sounded fun.

Then I asked how much he thought we would spend if we did go flea hopping… about $100 including gas and food he said. I pondered on that a bit, then offered up another suggestion.

What if we dedicated the next 12 hours to reclaiming the laundry room. It was a disaster and avoiding it was making me crazy.

I proposed we empty this dumping ground, leaving only the washer and dryer, and reclaim our laundry room. Staying within the $100 we might have spent going to the flea market, our goal within the 12 hours was to clean out the room, clean behind and underneath the washer and dryer, paint the walls and add floor boards that were never added when we made the laundry room/pantry larger some 11 years ago, and trim out the door going out to the garage. If we had any day or energy left, move a cabinet into the space for storage.

After two more cups of coffee and a nourishing breakfast, we got busy.

From 8am to 8pm we worked our tails off.

Putting all pride aside, this is what our 9′ x 9′ laundry room looked like.  The photos are placed in order as I turned to my left and made a full circle of the room.

I know it’s bad…really bad.  But considering this little room was used as a laundry room, pantry and my work area for making my crosses, this was bound to happen over time.

laundry room before

pantry before

work bench before

work area before

garage entry before

Man that was painful to share with you.  Even though it’s nice and clean now, it is still hard to look at these photos, but I had to come clean.  I had to let you see what it had come to, so that you could be as shocked as I was with the photos I took the next morning.

After one trip to the paint store to get one more gallon of paint (we had a partial gallon left over from painting the kitchen), a trip to Home Depot for trip boards and a quick lunch we were left with this…

w_d after

sewing corner

sink corner

garage entry after

and we had $14 left over.  Now can I tell you how sore I was after our 12 hours of cleaning, painting and moving things around?  Like so sore I had trouble sleeping.  But it was worth it because now we have a clean, uncluttered, blank slate to work with.

Below is a idea board I threw together for this area.

plan for Laundry Room

As you can see we have a way to go before we get this room done, but at least it is now functional and easy to move around in.  And I’m not so stressed when I walk in the back door.

I’ve already painted the cabinet with ASCP in Graphite, the same color as my kitchen cabs and we are shopping for a counter top.  We finished the floor boards in this area and I’ve put a table in the corner and set up my sewing machine.  I now have a sewing area!  I’m so happy about that.

Rudy has a place to eat, drink his water and store his food, without getting in everyone’s way.  And there is now a place for my ironing board! Yay!!!

I removed the roman shade to paint this window well and decided not to put it back, I love the light coming into the room and it’s a great place for this stained glass window to live for awhile.



I’ll be sharing more updates in the next few weeks.  I’m ready to get that ceiling done and the cabinet up on the wall.

peace. love. rust.


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One thought on “In 12 Hours We Got a New Laundry Room

  1. Cindi-
    That looks so wonderful.
    I know what you mean about it being painful to look at- I have a couple -two or three spots like that myself!
    We are in the very beginning staged of planning to move. I’m not sure how long it will take but getting the house ready to sell is the big thing!
    Your laundry room looks great now. Will you be converting another room for your work?

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