pulling ideas for new office/library space

It’s official….we are now empty nesters!

Baby girl moved into her own apartment in April…Baby boy is now a student at the University of Arkansas.

So now we have three rooms in our home that are ours to do with as we please.  Wow!  talk about your blank canvas…we now have three blank canvases.

One is our formal dining room that has never. ever. been a dining room.  It’s been an empty room, a bedroom, a teen room/game room/office (all three at once).  We did actually eat a Thanksgiving dinner in our formal dining room one year. but never again.  Plus we are not “formal” dining room people so, that room will be put on the back burner for awhile.

Jake’s room has been cleaned up and will remain as a bedroom for guests.

Riley’s room, our sweet little girl’s room (snif.snif) will now become our office/library.  I need an office to spread out in and Jim needs a place to call his own too.  He’s a huge Packer fan and he has a lot of memorabilia he’s collected over his lifetime that needs a place to be enjoyed.  So we will attempt to share this 11′ x 10′ space.

I heard this wonderful quote yesterday

” A dream without a plan is just a wish”

So..here’s my plan

A rough draft anyway. I’ve never taken a design class so to me scale is something on a fish.  But I can imagine and create, so this will have to do.

Before I get to that plan above we have to do a wee bit of work, like…

Paint the walls white…all of them.  Right now three walls are dark brown, think dark chocolate…that’s the color I’m surrounded by 6 to 8 hours a day.  It makes me hungry to look at them.   The remaining wall was Riley’s work of art, cream color with dark brown zebra stripes.  Yes indeed! Zebra stripes!

So all white for now because that’s what color a blank canvas is and that’s the color of the primer/blocker

Remove popcorn from ceiling, float and then consider a nice neutral. light. calm color

Install wood flooring

We are thinking a wood panel treatment for the one wall that doesn’t have a window, closet or door on it.

Something like this


two  awesome rustic/industrial bookshelves like these will flank the desk


two wonderful soft leather chairs like these, but not these because they are waaay out of my budget


a fun but neutral area rug for warmth and something for Rudy to lounge on


a desk for both of us to use.  this will be something we end up making ourselves so we can get the right dimensions for the space we have.  still metal and reclaimed wood. minimalist but functional.


pendant lighting over table nested in a corner between the two chairs…this might get a splash of color and junktified! stay tuned for that.


As you can see there is much to do in this little corner of our home, not only the painting and additional design features but then comes the fun of finding all these inspiration elements at a fraction of what they cost new.  That means a lot of thrift shopping, flea marketing, craigslist browsing, curbside picking….the list is endless, but oh what fun we will have!

I forgot to mention the large framed chalkboard that will go up on the wood planked wall, desk lighting, desk chairs (his & hers), window treatment, and maybe a small ottoman that we can share since our reading chairs will be adjacent to each other.

We found a round table to go between the chairs at a garage sale last weekend.   If you follow my Instagram you might have seen it.  You can see it here, it’s really cool but the color is not my style, so it will be getting  a coat of paint.  Color to be determined later.  I will be adding progress photos on IG as we slowly work on this room, find me there as “rustiqueart”.

Can wait to get this going!

peace. love. rust.

2 thoughts on “pulling ideas for new office/library space

  1. I had a hard time the first year we were empty nesters. It’s now 17 years later and all is well. I have redecorated, moved shuffled and changed things numerous times and with no complaints from anyone, giggle. I look forward to seeing your changes hugs!

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