how I hide ugly with awesome rusty junk

I’ll do just about anything to hide something I don’t like…
In this case I didn’t enjoy looking at the electrical box and conduit climbing up the wall as a backdrop to my flowerbed.
So, I tried to find away to hide it, at least make it melt into the scene so it didn’t stick out.
I had to be clever because the box houses the switch for the pool light, it had to stay accessible, but hidden.
This is what came to be. But before it got to this point, which was just recently when a random potato vine,that I think lives under my foundation because I’ve transplanted this crazy vine 4 times this year but it keeps coming back, began to creep its way up to the ball of rusty noodles, for lack of a better term.

This did the trick, but before it was this pleasing site, it was a jungle gym for our backyard friends.

And before that…

it was just a mess of rusty junky metal noodley looking things and a salvaged sewer pipe from a road crew trash pile on the side of the road.

These strange things laid in my flower bed, right where I tossed them, for over a year, while I thought long and hard about what to do with them.

I made a cross with one of the pieces,  told myself if it didn’t sell I would keep it,

because I loved it, but it sold!

Who would’ve imagined?

So you see, hiding ugly is pretty easy if you have the right junk laying around

and a wild potato vine that lives under your house.

I’m telling you… never. ever. ever pass up a chance to pick through junk pile

you just never know….

you might need to hide something ugly!

peace. love. rust.

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One thought on “how I hide ugly with awesome rusty junk

  1. I find a lot of treasures from someone else’s junk. :~) I love rustic things also.
    Love how you hid the ugly on the wall. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

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