A Wintery Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Baby it’s cold outside…
We can finally say that here in Texas but I really thought it would never get here.
It’s been a really warm December. Did the weather forget that it’s supposed to be cold at during the month of December?
Because of the weather I have not been in the mood to decorate…but that’s probably not the real reason. I think I’ve just been in a funk.
But funny thing is, as soon as the cold snap set in, I feel like cleaning and getting things in their right places. I know it’s late but, better late than…no Christmas decor at all.

First thing was to clear off my kitchen table.

For weeks we’ve been shoving wrapping paper and mail aside just to find a place for our plates.

Now it was time to get a bit of Christmas on my table

I used my whiskey barrel bottom as my base

went outside to hunt down my lantern

gathered more greenery from out trip to Indiana

snipped some holly and some branches with berries

then began putting it all together

my favorite place to shop is in my own house

I’ve got more junk than any thrift store or flea market

and I have a glue gun

that’s all you need!

I wrapped a candle in crinkled up brown paper after tearing it to size

glued a remnant of burlap then added a rusty star

tied it with some burlap twine and sat it on a piece of sheet music

I’d love to say that this was all thought up be me, but that would be fibb’n

I saw these ideas posted by another blogger and since I was having a difficult time getting my Christmas on this year

I copied!

shameful I know…but I needed the inspiration, plus I figure that’s why other bloggers share their designs

to inspire and so people can get ideas to use in their decor

I betcha Donna won’t mind…you can see her awesome centerpiece HERE.

I have some fun stuff laying around the house

this little gear was a perfect fit for a tea light candle

the candle sits in a shiny silver tin…too shiny so I hot glued a remnant of cotton ribbon

then sprinkled some cinnamon on the candle to tone down the white of the wax (a bit OCD right?)

then added a tattered ribbon to a rusty bell

nestled it against the greenery

then added some dried hydrangea blooms to the lantern

then I added some galvanized flavor

a pine cone

and some rusty handles for a “tray” effect (yep…they’re just sitting there not attached)

and it’s done.

Wow! that was fun and easy!

A Wintery Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

now it’s time to clean off something else.

I might be done by Christmas if I hurry.

I think a movie might help…

which one should I watch?

It’s a Wonderful Life?  or  The Bishop’s Wife?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
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3 thoughts on “A Wintery Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

  1. I LOVE your centerpiece!

    I haven’t decorated as much at home this year. As a florist, we’ve decorated too many homes and made so many centerpieces, it leaves us not in the mood. I have a few laterns I’m thinking about decorating with, yet no one comes to our house and I’m already getting in the decluttering mood.

  2. I love the rustic look! I would love to see more similar to this. I have a cabin I need ideas for decorating!!

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