Our Junk-filled Christmas Wreath

My husband and I took a trip to Indiana and Ohio last week. Just us! It was a pre-anniversary gift to each other. We celebrated 28 years of marriage last Sunday. We took this trip to get away from work and relax before the holiday rush set in. While we were there we stopped in to visit family. Jim’s dad blessed us with two huge sacks of trimmings left over from a Christmas tree farm nearby. So we loaded them up and brought them home, not knowing yet what to do with them I decided to get lost in Pinterestland while Jim drove us home.

He was probably happy to have me quiet for a change!

I found a lot of wonderful ideas for Christmas decorating but it was on Instagram that I found my inspiration for all of the wonderful greenery coming home with me.

 Janice of Gypsy Farm Girl posted her rendition of a junky little Christmas wreath. You can see her wreath here. It was love at first site. I commented on her photo telling her that she had inspired me and I later confessed that I was about to copy her wreath.

Below is our junk-filled Christmas wreath, with just a few of my favorite things.  Although I have a tendency to clutter things up, I left this with some open spaces.  I’m coping, but it’s difficult.  Some people have issues with silence, like in a room full of people, but I have issues with clutter or the lack of it.

But here’s my thought…if I leave room for more then I can add more junk as I find it.

Janice was so clever.  She added a license plate, rusted of course, a rusted bell and a saw blade.  Even though I have several rust covered license plates lying around the house, I decided to leave that awesome detail off.  I wanted to copy her wreath but I wanted mine to be a little different.  Copy yes, exactly….no.

I have to say, I’ve been in a rut as of late.  Just not in the mood to decorate.  Not inspired to make anything.  Thankfully, I have made sure to surround myself with fabulously talented people who inspire me beyond my imagination.

Is is wrong to copy others…I think not.  Especially if  you give credit where credit is due.  Even though I’ve not met Janice face to face, I have had the pleasure of chatting it up with her via social media.  She’s just one of many blessings that came out of putting together the Handmade In Texas blog and facebook page.  She’s a doll and I love her style.  And…she loves Texas and junk as much as I do!

back to the wreath…

the bow, I for sure wanted to do burlap.  mainly because I have a ton of it lying around the house.  I’m a firm believer in using what you have on hand.  and I did happen to watch a great video on how to my a burlap bow.  If I can remember how to find that video I will link it in this post.

I added my little rusty owl because he’s likes to live in the moment of my latest project.  Usually a vignette of some sort, but this time he gets top billing by sitting in the center of my giant burlap bow.

I’m aware that my burlap is wrinkled, that’s the way I wanted it.

A few more of my favorite junky things that were added, some barbed wire, and a few rusted spigot handles.  I think they look like rustic snowflakes!

I did have an old saw blade that I just couldn’t resist adding and then I layered it with my favorite tin heart made out of galvanized roofing.

next I added a funky little galvanized bird house I found while out junking one day.

I would love to find a little owl to add to the birdhouse.

My son and Rover our chocolate lab jumped in the truck and went to gather some pine cones for me, I added those and some berry sprigs and called it done.

Now it’s off to finish the tree

and then the mantle

and the top of the armoir

and the china hutch…

Are you as behind as I am?
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6 thoughts on “Our Junk-filled Christmas Wreath

  1. I Love it!!! I’m glad I could inspire you. Your wreath has me wanting to find rusty spigots and owls!

    I’ve been in a rut lately as we’ll, but seemed to have got my creativity and blogging spirit back this week. I have issues with when to stop cluttering too! I thought my Christmas tree was finished…then I found a box of bling to add to it. Now to reshoot my pictures to share!

  2. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)) your wreath is beautiful! bravo for the gal who originally designed one. I can’t wait to make one. I recently purchased a garland of greens with old junked small carpenter tools wired to the garland, aged to purrfection and it was a steal in $$. a new follower here and will sign up for the originator’s junk wreath blog. thanks for sharing, great stuff! GOD BLESS AMERICA

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