vintage galvanized tool box planter {rustic garden}

We pulled into the parking lot knowing that my favorite eclectic junk shop was closed, but it was time for a stretch after hours on the road.  Besides there is always plenty of good junk to pick through outside the shop, no need to go inside….all the good junk is always outside.

I saw what I wanted immediately, of course it was unmarked, no price tag…bummer!

It’s just common knowledge that if you stop by Queen B’s place off of 281 in Hamilton, TX and they are closed, you are allowed to write a check for what you find and slip it through a wee little hole in the door.  Well I found what I wanted but didn’t know what to write the check for.  Undaunted…I located the business card I kept from my last visit and called just hoping that maybe the call would be forwarded…and it was!

The owner was happy to oblige my need for spending more money at her shop.  Don’t you love that technology was working for me this particular day in a quaint little town where the honor system still exists.   It was meant to be…obviously.

My find that day was a large galvanized tool box.

It’s so wonderful…

and so empty!

With so many projects going on in our home right now, filling this with plants was not top priority.  But man did it ever beckon to me every stink’n time I went outside.   “Hello…I’m still waiting”

Finally, the waiting is over, I’ve added some plants and more.  But first I’d like to know what you would have done with this fabulous find.  Would you have used it inside your home?  or risk rust and more patina by leaving outside?  For me it was a no brainer…more patina please!  Would you have added some ivy to spill out over the sides?  Some lovely flowers for color and texture?  Some china to add a touch of elegant whimsy?

Because that is exactly what I had planned for this spot…I just had to find the perfect shades of color and it all just happened to fall into place this past week.

First I found the most wonderful variegated potato vine…soft mossy green with tips of white and purple.  It was perfect so I bought it and flanked each end with it…it spills over nicely.   Then I found some awesome Lisianthus, I call them bell flowers (Eustoma grandiflorum) in purple and pink.  I love these plants for several reasons, one because I can grow them, two because they have the most beautiful foliage, a soft pale green…which by the way looks great paired with the vine I bought.   Next I added a lovely piece of Johnson Brothers china.  Just because it’s chipped it still serves a purpose in my home…or garden in this case.

and the best part is that there is room for more plates along the back, so I’ll be on the look out for more china when out thrift shopping.

Now I need to transplant some ferns to grow around my willow bench and this little (room) area can be done.

I have rooms in my back yard…do you have those too?
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6 thoughts on “vintage galvanized tool box planter {rustic garden}

  1. The pillow bench is wonderful. I think it will look so nice with ferns along side it. You must have a good amount of shade where you are. Plus you are about 1 hour NORTH of me… empirical data has shown that those who live one hour north of me…have a slightly cooler temperature year around! (my brother lives in EAST Texas along the I-30 between Commerce and Sulphur Springs…but you want to know that, right?)
    Anyway… I’m taking a break from planting anything else, shaded or other wise until it starts to cool down a bit…yes! that was my point.
    So the bench reminds me of the chairs from my MIL home in Arkansas. My SIL gifted them to her…so of course, NOW, they are in Waco… and grace her lovely yard nicely, too.
    The Tool box…oh man! Love everything about it. Love the green right now, and the rust…always.
    We live near Cedar Creek Lake…and believe it or not… we still have a few places here that practice the HONOR system when doing business. I love that way of life. The people I talk to say they have very little theft…compared to convenience stores, thrift stores and grocers in the area. Weird. The Honor system makes people HONEST. Everyone I think wants their character to have Honesty attached to it.
    Down in Malakoff,TX (other side of the lake) there are place where the stuff on the outside is better than the stuff on the inside.
    I wonder if they have a Honor System in place… I know they have security cameras! LOL…
    Well, we’ve been all over the map today… I’ll wrap it up from Kemp, Pat

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