straddling the fence {rustic garden}

I believe his exact words were: “I found a ladder and brought it home for you”

I can’t be sure though…he lost me at ladder as my mind begin to embrace this new addition to my little rustic garden

My husband is my superhero!

I’ve…we’ve been looking for old wooden ladders for years.  We see them from time to time at flea markets and antique shops, but I don’t believe those people really want to sell them…their prices are outrageous.

I have one now!  thanks to my awesome husband and his keen eye for great treasures along the curbs on trash day

can you believe someone was actually throwing away a perfectly good wooden ladder?

They must not shop at the same flea markets I do or they would know that they could’ve gotten some bucks for their ladder.  Oh well…too late, it’s mine now.

Of course I knew just where to put it and once it was in position all that was left was to add some junk

some broken dishes, rust and plants

my daughter found and old apple corer at an estate sale and thought I might have a place for it

she’s one smart cookie! and I love that she thinks of me when she sees rusted metal

I feel so loved.

I only had a spec of time to get some things on it, the sun was going down and I would soon loose my light.

I wanted to take some photos and share with you before that happened.

That west sun was not helping with the shadows.

just in case I was dreaming, I ran out the next morning to see if it was really there

It was!  and the lighting was much softer in the morning shade

I have visions of ivy snaking it’s way up the ladder, adding little bird houses perched here and there, a hanging fern and some other funky treasures as I collect more over time.

more ideas are brewing in my head about some awesome containers for plants

more on that at a later date.

Kitchen Update:

Still painting…but it’s looking good!

I distressed one cabinet door and applied the dark wax just so I could confirm that I was going in the right direction.  Wow!  Yes…It looks great!

Pictures coming soon!

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3 thoughts on “straddling the fence {rustic garden}

  1. Oh, I love the ladder.
    I had a ladder once…and I killed it. I had visions of birdhouses, ivy, and cowboy boots gracing my ladder. I never got around to implementing that plan. I hung the ladder on the back of the shed. The day came to follow through on my rustic plan…when I went to get the ladder from off the back of the shed…it all but disintegrated in my hands; turned to dust and blew away…with all the hopes of having a rustic ladder DASHED BY TERMITES!!! …dashed by termites. (my head is hanging…it’s sad really) How was I to know?!

    Cherish your ladder while you have it.
    don’t forget to call the exterminator!


  2. You are awesome. You took a ladder that someone else thought was useless and turned into something useful. It looks stunning by the way.

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