vintage galvanized tool box planter {rustic garden}

We pulled into the parking lot knowing that my favorite eclectic junk shop was closed, but it was time for a stretch after hours on the road.  Besides there is always plenty of good junk to pick through outside the shop, no need to go inside….all the good junk is always outside. I saw whatContinue reading “vintage galvanized tool box planter {rustic garden}”

my joyful flowers

She re-seeded from last year I guess.  I didn’t plant any seeds there…this is the compost pile after all.  I guess this just goes to show you that great things grow out of decomposing grass, leaves and composted fruit and vegetables. Her stalk is straight and her stems look like arms stretching up in joyfulContinue reading “my joyful flowers”

multiplying with daylilies

My daylily garden has multiplied in one year’s time which amazes and amuses me. Not only have the plants multiplied in numbers but so have the blooms. It seems the blooms are bigger this year and there are more blooms on each stalk. This year one of my daylily beds looks like this… but oneContinue reading “multiplying with daylilies”

Pinterest inspired plantings

A little of this, a little of that… that’s what I was saying as I walked through my house picking up things to put dirt in.  I saw some wonderful succulent container ideas on Pinterest last week, one container in particular caught my eye because I had the same container in my stash.  Mine isContinue reading “Pinterest inspired plantings”

sedum rooting success & sharing sweet memories

Years ago my neighbor Helen,  gave me a couple of Sedum plants.  In case you are not aware, I have a slight phobia…a fear of killing plants, especially plants that people give me.  As done in the past I planted the two Sedum plants in a place where I was confident they could survive.  IContinue reading “sedum rooting success & sharing sweet memories”

Some of the COLOR in my yard…and one STRANGE looking something!

too funny. the silver leaf maple tree has been cut down for two months. this huge log is just laying in my backyard. apparently it has other plans. do not plant these trees close to your house.  the magic of morning dew drops on “purple heart wandering jew” lovely bloom from my “Dalina Midi Hawaii”Continue reading “Some of the COLOR in my yard…and one STRANGE looking something!”

Everything’s Coming Up Daylilies…

I love Daylilies…they begin to peak through the soil every spring. You can almost imagine they’re yawning and stretching their beautiful green foliage up out of the ground…if we listen maybe they will say “hello spring…were back!” Although I am not an avid gardener I do love to plant and nurture what I have. IContinue reading “Everything’s Coming Up Daylilies…”