Rudy’s favorite day…

Monday: Laundry Day


oh goody mom’s taking all the fluffy stuff off of the bed

and tossing it onto the floor

i must hurry

have to grab my Barney

get into position

okay mom

i’m ready!


here’s the best part… she will get side tracked by an email or phone call and forget all about me and the laundry

this will be the best nap ever

…until next Monday.

What a smart dog I have.  He was right. I did get distracted by a couple of phone calls and a project. Rudy caught up on some much needed rest.  Weekends are ruff rough on our little fur buddies.  They like to follow everyone around and try their best to keep up.  They are happy to see Monday morning when it’s just back to Mom and the laundry 🙂

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