Rudy’s favorite day…

Monday: Laundry Day   oh goody mom’s taking all the fluffy stuff off of the bed and tossing it onto the floor i must hurry have to grab my Barney get into position okay mom i’m ready! ahhhh… here’s the best part… she will get side tracked by an email or phone call and forgetContinue reading “Rudy’s favorite day…”

I Want A Do Over!

Wouldn’t that be divine?   To realize that you’ve have messed up, see the error, go back and edit. Not possible I know, that is why sincere apologies are so important, because you don’t get to remove your foot from you mouth, heal a broken heart or undo spoken words.   You can only humbly apologizeContinue reading “I Want A Do Over!”

Who Needs TV?

Seriously…who needs it? I’ve said it before…there’s not much worth watching these days. Now with places like YouTube, Tangle and other various video sharing sites, television, at least in my opinion [in my blog that counts] is loosing it’s appeal. Or maybe it’s just my age and the fact I have so many other thingsContinue reading “Who Needs TV?”