my new daily grind & a giveaway



i love coffee.

i’m not a coffee connoisseur. but i do grind my own beans. just the smell of the fresh ground beans, makes me smile in the morning.

i drink my coffee in a really big cup with one or two tsp. of raw sugar and then i add half & half. that’s how i roll.

a few weeks ago, my friend Courtney from 66 Books blog, shared some news about one of the contributing writers on the blog; Dave Baldwin.  it seems that Dave and his daughter Erin, have a coffee roasting business up in Westminster, Maryland. and they sell their roasted coffee on their website; Furnace Hills Coffee Co. and they support various causes through this business.  this makes me smile and want to order from them. so i did.

i ordered the Bolivian Organic and it was so wonderful. it’s a dark roast but without any bitterness that some dark roasts have.  they offer 10 varieties of coffee, it was hard for me to decide which one to try first. after my first cup, i knew this one was a winner.  oh it was yum!

one of the causes this wonderful business supports is one that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. they support developmentally disabled men and women.  Erin was born with Down’s Syndrome. but  from what i can tell, she knows her way around the roastery and can complete the process of roasting from start to finish.   i’ll let you see for yourself.

they also work with other partners around the world.  Mission to Ukraine, Teluna’s Beach Resort and Global Transformation Network.

i salute Dave and Erin in their efforts to give back and help the developmentally disabled not just here in the US, but across the globe.  i also applaud their efforts to teach me and others about the challenges these amazing men, women and children face each day, and the joy they bring to our world. lastly i’m blessed to be able to share this wonderful business and coffee with you.  in fact i want to share a whole bag with two people… will it be you?  i hope so!  to enter this giveaway for a one pound bag of coffee, your choice of blend and your choice of whole beans or ground; see entry area below.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.Remember…it’s always fun to share coffee with friends, be sure to share this giveaway with your friends too! & coffee!


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