inspired by need and laziness, I made my own curtain rings

During the recent upheaval of our den/sun room/entry many things were dismantled, removed and some things were packed away to make room for decorations during the holiday season.  Needless to say, my house is still in a state of unrest.  But little by little decorations are working their way off of the walls, shelves, nooks and crannies.  I stand back and smile…after 2 months of looking like a Christmas store, now things look clean and uncluttered….and dusted!

One of the things that I did manage to get put back in place were the curtains that flank the french doors in our tiny sun room.  Curtains that were really on their way out the door because back in May of last year, I thought it would be really smart to wash them, and they shrunk…a lot.  Shocking right?  So my family suffered through the ghastly humiliation of having drapes that could have survived a flood, if that event ever happened.   Why keep them you ask?   I’m so happy to explain, you see my DD found these Pottery Barn olive green velvet drapes in a thrift store for $10.  She called and asked if I wanted them….sight unseen I said; “yes”!   I’m mean c’mon!  Pottery Barn drapes for ten bucks.  I found a nice oil rubbed bronze curtain rod at Tuesday Morning, Mr. Rust hung it up and since the drapes had rod pockets that’s how I hung them up.  Perfect!  until I washed them.  So now you know that I’m a dork and I washed PB velvet drapes.

After taking everything down to paint, I really wanted my drapes back…the green was just the right touch in there now, but dang…they were too short!  But you know the great thing about PB drapes?  They have a place for hooks too…wow!


who wants to go to the store to find drapery hooks or rings, three days before Christmas?

not me!  at this point I was done with the store thing, I was in my pajamas, and I wanted to get them up “now” not later and it was 8:00 at night…I had a fire going…watch’n movies…

No, I would just have to do something else…like make my own hooks.  How hard can it be?

Not too hard.  The hardest part was coming up with the design.  I had the wire, so all I had to do was make up some demos and choose which one worked and looked the best.

gotta love that popcorn ceiling don’t ya?  so attractive!   To make the rings I snipped about 12″ of wire, using the rod I wrapped the wire around to get a nice round ring, then I turned up the end for the hook.  The wire I use was 14 gauge, heavy and tough to work with.  It was difficult to get a nice finish on the circle with the end, so I curled it up too.  Maybe I’ll embellish with something simple or leave as is.

Yes…I know, now they are too long.  My fault again.  I moved the rod down a bit because we need room for crown molding, so after the ceiling is redone (yipeeee) and molding put up, I will adjust the length.  Before the brainstorm about the hooks, I was just going to scrunch them on again, added the hooks instead and now…too long.  But since there were several other things that were more important at the time, I let it go.   We still have to paint the doors, put down flooring, put away decorations…the drapes will just have to wait.   And who knows, I might just change my mind and make new ones. (not likely!)

Okay your turn…when all is said and done, should I leave the rings or hang from the rod pocket.


toss them and get something else when everything is completed?

3 thoughts on “inspired by need and laziness, I made my own curtain rings

  1. if you pull them across then i like your rings and they would look cool with something on the end….personally once your molding is up i would hang the drapes as high as you can too frame the window better and i would use the rod pocket if they are just side drapes…

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