a bit of equality in my Christmas decor…

or at least more equality in my blogging about my Christmas decorations…


but I suppose that I could spent a few minutes showing you how “one” area of our home is decorated for this time of year.  It really doesn’t qualify as Christmas decorations.  More like wintery and seasonal decor.  Winter because they are snowmen.

I love my snowmen…so tell you something you didn’t know, right?

Seasonal only because it’s ‘football’ season.  Right about this time every year as we pull down tons of Christmas decorations, we also include my husbands “Christmas time” decorations.

I can already see this as a two part post…but here is my attempt to give equal time to my sweet guy’s love of his favoritest thing in the whole world, apart from me, his children and his g’kids.

His beloved Packers.  Yes we are a Green Bay Packer family living in Texas.  I’ve heard we’re not the only ones.  My hubby was raised in Wisconsin and he probably bleeds Packer green & yellow.  He would decorate our whole house in Packer memorabilia if I consented.   He’s already claimed a room in our humble little home when our nest begins to empty out.  And I’ll be happy to indulge him.  I envision wall to wall carpeting with the big “G” logo on it and cheesehead bobble head statues filling the bookshelves.  Bless his heart, that’s all he asks on the weekend, that if we can get the Packer game, that he gets to watch it.  Truth is we all do.  We love watching the Packer games and when we’ve gotten the opportunity, we’ve even traveled up to Wisconsin to see the game and tour the legendary Lambeau Field.  It’s pretty spectacular.

Years ago I began this collection for my Mr. Rust in an attempt to combine our favorite things.  His devotion to the Packers and my love for snowmen.  I saw this as a ‘win win’ opportunity.  I got more snowmen and he got Packer stuff.  That just what I need is more “stuff”.  I have to admit though…she’s pretty darn cute.

…and so is he.  Come on…how could you not love this?  I suppose not everyone could or would, however it works for us.  I mean really…at this point my house is starting to resemble a Cracker Barrel shop.  It’s nothing short of festive and it is definitely fun to look at.

This concludes part 1…would you believe there’s more?  Wait until you see the rest of this tiny little corner of my home.  At least the colors go somewhat with the Christmas theme. 🙂

2 thoughts on “a bit of equality in my Christmas decor…

  1. So, have you bought your Packer stock(ing) stuffers?
    I am sure you know about the online listings http://www.packer-bars.com/ for where to watch and cheer with fellow cheesehead Packer lovers, worldwide. Each morning the local news station tells us what sold out in the Packer fan shop the day before.

    I have to say you are a very tolerant and equal opportunity homemaker.

    That is a wonderful snowperson.

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