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We’re finally in the home stretch with our den renovation.  Since our entry, den and small sun room areas all flow together, we redid all three at the same time. All three were painted different colors. They all blended but it was time to lighten things up a bit and tie the three areas together. In doing so we ended up creating the illusion of a bigger area. I wanted to begin the big reveal with our entry area.  The photo below is at the end of day 1.

The original color of our entry was a mix of two paint colors I had in my garage. About 5 years ago, Mr. Rust left for work one morning, the walls of our entry were white and when he came home that night they were a creamy gold. I had found  two colors of paint in the garage and when mixed together I had just enough to paint my entry. A good thing to, because I wouldn’t have been able to duplicate that color.

We removed all of the door frames, baseboards and replaced with 1×4 white pine for the door frames and 1 x 6 on the baseboards.  Board and batten will be  placed on the walls in all three areas.   This was day 2.

The next week I took off for the Hill Country to help DD with getting things ready for Thanksgiving, she was hosting a large gathering and we had a couple to projects and some shopping to get done before turkey day.  Mr. Rust took the week off and worked his tail off putting up wood so it would be ready to paint once we all returned home the next weekend.  His goal was to get the corner where our tree would go, ready to paint so I could get that area done so I could get our tree up and decorated.  Doesn’t everyone tear up their house and decorate at the same time?

The entry is finished and ready to show off and although there we are still working to get these three areas complete before Christmas, I can say that the Christmas decorations are all in place and everyday my house gets a little closer to being back to normal.

Here is the entry area about 95% complete.

Tomorrow I’ll pan to the right and reveal more of the den.  I did get my shelf painted black and put up.  I moved a different table into entry and moved the cedar chest into a cozy nook.  The table will be painted after the snowmen march back up into the attic. A new rug for the entry is in the plans and I’m still thinking about the  light what it’s future holds.

Today I grouted the slate tiles at the landing of my fireplace.  It’s all coming together.  This is music to Rover and Rudy’s ears.  They have been patient but they are so ready for mom & dad to stop making noise on the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Ready to reveal…enter here

  1. Looks absolutely wonderful Cindi! Always look forward to your posts! I hope you, Jim and the kids have a wonderful Christmas and awesome New Year.

  2. Wow! what a difference, huh? We did this little project earlier this year too. It’s surprising the change it makes with little ca$h, the right paint and some PTO!

    I love our board and batten. You will love yours too. I think it looks great!


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