bead’n it up, bouncing around & chimming in

Back in October during the 31 Days of Before and After, I choose one day to take a few things lying around my workroom, create something fun and different and use that as one of my blog posts.

Since that day I’ve received several  inquiries about those funky little bouncy bell chimes?   They are kind of cute and I do love they way that just gently bounce and chime when a nice breeze blows through an open window.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making up a few more to fill some orders for Christmas and I thought you might like to see what gets done around here when I’m motivated to create!

But first I have to have everything just so…

I gather all of my tools, wire and beads….and some tiny clay pots, and set up more work area in my den

Pour a huge glass of ice tea

Pop in a movie…for this project I went through two DVD’s, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and The Blind Side.

Then I got busy!

Multicolored & Vibrant

and it passes the bounce test!

The first one made for the 31 Days of Before and After was aqua & brown,

an order came in for another one just like it…

since each one is unique, “just like it” doesn’t fly here, but I stayed close with the same colors.

and it bounces too!

Citrus, Sun and Water


and it passed the bounce test too.

Since those were already sold, I thought it would be fun to make one a bit different

I love Black & White!

it’s so classy



I’ve got some ideas for more…what colors do you like to see together?



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