on second thought…

maybe this table looks better here than it did behind a couch.

and maybe it might look good painted black or left this way.

i did get my plate shelf painted and it will be put up tomorrow…i think.

it sure seems to open up this space more.

are you wondering where my cedar chest went?

it’s in a cozy nook, more on that later.

this will do for now as it seems to be just the right spot for a choir of snow people.

i just love my little snowmen, they make me smile all day long.

here’s a peek at my Christmas tree trimmings, an unusual material for garland for sure, festive none the less.

recapping the post on the rusty object with holes….I haven’t a clue.

but i have some thoughts on what it will be used for. more on that later too.

see…i’m just setting you up for a fun week of rustic adventures!

more painting today and shopping too!  i’m off.  hope you have a fun day today.

merry Christmas

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