my new hue obsession

I find myself drifting away from the dark colors I’ve surrounded myself with for many years.  My den is dark red, my kitchen an olive green, my entry, small library and hallway are spiced gold, Riley’s room is dark chocolate. Believe or not these colors all blend and flow.  Crazy I know.  But it’s time to repaint.  The kitchen is getting a new texture on the walls and when we do paint it will be a neutral light shade.

During a recent stop at my favorite junk shop coming back from seeing DD in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, I spied a pair of salt and pepper shakers.  Nothing special about them other than their color.  It is a wonderful shade of creamy bluish green.   That’s about as close as I can come to describing their shade.  Okay, maybe they’re just aqua.  Lately I seem to be drawn to that color.

The color made my mouth water…this happens when I want something really bad.  Funny thing is I didn’t know I loved this color, haven’t been a big fan of it before that I recall, but on this day, I loved it and I wanted these shakers.

It was  a little obsessive.

No sooner did I have them in my hand, I turned and I saw this…

 I snatched that up too.   Since I was the only one in the store, it’s not likely anyone was going to pick it up before me, but you would never have know that from the way I latched on to it.

The shop keeper was so sweet and seeing my arms full of breakable items, she offered to take them up front for me, until I was finished looking.  Smart aren’t they?  They know if my arms and hands are empty, then I’ll be able to pick up more treasures.

I came home with these and here they sit in my china hutch that seems to be looking more like a hodge podge of vintage dishes.

You might be wondering; “what’s your point?”  I do love vintage dishes and that is what a china hutch if for… right?

But really there is a limit.  Not sure I’m know my limit, but I think it’s drawing near.

So now this is my thought.  I don’t want to paint my walls aqua.  Not even a pale aqua.  So what was I thinking?  Maybe a nice accent color?  to what?

You want to help choose my wall color?  I pretty sure my cabinets are going to be painted white…that is today I think that.

Pale gray? ummm…maybe

Light buttery yellow? no

A tinge of  tan? it’s possible

I know for sure there will be a lot of galvanized items, zinc and of course rust.  So what do you think?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, lets see who comes closest to what I decide.

Peace. Love. Rust.

5 thoughts on “my new hue obsession

  1. Oh my! Those are pretty colors! I’ve had my walls so many colors over the years, from mint green to bright yellow. Right now they are a subdued tan. I suggest something in a pastel gray so that you can go crazy with pastel accents all around the room(s).

  2. I hear ya! I got rid of my darker colors a few years ago and painted my walls Silver Sage and I love it! I haven’t regretted it. So you are planning white for you cabinets….go get ’em painted girl! Lisa~

  3. You could go with a gray that has a blueish hint to it…like you can’t tell if it’s gray or a blue. That way you would be getting a hint of color and not a bland gray color.


  4. hi Cindi – the colors in your house sound pretty. And lucky you finding those pretty dishes! I love dishes too but I don’t accumulate them very fast, so that limit is still a fair distance away 🙂 Hope you’ve had a wonderful 3-day weekend! Diane

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