the very odd things one finds at…

estate sales


Stack of antique booksfinding books at an estate sale is like finding sweets in a candy store.

it’s not odd to find them in every nook and cranny of a home that is hosting an estate sale

you might even find them in a the bathroom!  yes really!

no, books are not what i found odd at this one estate sale i visited a few months ago while visiting my daughter in the Texas Hill Country,

which by the way has some awesome estate sales!

it was the book itself…

Antique Book Dr. Chase's RecipesDr. Chase’s Recipes  Information For Everybody

Dr. Chase was a well rounded doctor indeed

you can find information about anything in this book…kinda scary

Antique Book Indexyes, you’re reading it correctly…it says Surgical Emergencies, Practical Horse Training, Bee Keeping, Germ Theory, How to Live Long and yes, there is even a step by step guide for childbirth!

but that’s not what I found odd…LOL!  although this book is odd, do you see the index entry for Miscellaneous?  Seriously?

what on earth could be considered misc. in this book?

well I’ll tell ya!

canning fruits, preserving meat, how to make paint

see! …odd i tell you

this book has so much information in it that I could write a blog post once a week on some of the topics

what a great idea!

once a week i will visit one topic in this fine piece of literature

yes…i’m totally serious!  wouldn’t you like to know how to make raspberry vinegar?

what about “how to remove fleshworms”  eeeeewwwh!

what the heck?

no wait…upon further reading it seems that those are what we refer to as black heads…well i’ll be!

don’t worry, i’ll keep it family oriented, meaning that you can share this with your children

doesn’t every one want to learn about “mouth glue”?

all kidding aside…i believe much can be learned from our elders and let’s face it, many of us don’t have our grandparents around anymore to share things from their childhood.

wouldn’t be interesting to know what things they used in 1902?  that’s when this book was copyrighted.

i think this could be fun and i’m sure this will surely incite some lively conversations.

and the best part about finding this book…

it looks great and adds an element of vintage where ever it sits!

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