a before & after to be continued

I was just about to fix dinner and the only person that would’ve eaten dinner with me (son) jumped in his truck to go eat dinner with his team.

Well!  I can take a hint.

So dinner will get moved to the back burner (lol) and I’ll write out a really quick blog post.

Yesterday I posted on my fan page a little sneak peek at my newest acquisition from my trip to Discount Home Warehouse.  A few of my friends called me a tease….that was the intent!

You mean you can’t figure out what it is from this photo?

How about this one?


oh come on…I bet you can!

Anyway DHW had posted a little blurb on their fan page about having a great supply of salvaged ceiling tins in stock, I didn’t have to twist hubby’s arm too much, just a tweak.  As he was running out the door screaming something like; “last one in the truck is a rotten…” I didn’t hear the rest because I flew past him too quick to hear him finish the sentence.

Let’s just say I was not last.

So off we go into Big D for some boot scoot’n…wait, wrong song, salvage pick’n…there ya go.  And pick’n we did.

I found some stuff…I bought some things…and I left with arms full but my heart stayed there.  You see we’ve (yes WE) always wanted to find a wonderful old mantle, bring it home and use it for a headboard.  But you know, the right one was just never there.   We would find one and it would cost too much or it was sold or we were broke or….blah, blah, blah.

But this time we found it.

Didn’t you figure it out yet?


Hang on though, we have this rule in our house for major purchases; we give ourselves 24 hours to think about it and usually after that amount of time we will either lose interest, talk ourselves out of it, or 100% sure that we want it.

So we came home and that’s why it felt like I left my heart there.  But I didn’t share this with hubby.  I just acted calm, cool and casual.  And then Sunday morning he says; “well let’s go move the rearrange the room and see if it will fit”.

I love him.

So we did.

but there was this teeny tiny issue.  you see my room is rectangular and the ceiling fan is in the middle, but the wall we were moving the bed to has a door and if you center the bed then one side is crowded and looks wonky and…aaaahhhh!  ya just wanna scream.  Because you see we hung a mirror on that same wall a while back when we used to have the bed there (that’s why I know it looks all crowded on one side)  and it was centered with the fan too, but I didn’t want to center the bed in line with the fan this time, but if we don’t center the bed, then fan issue I could live with… but the mirror?  Oh goodness no!  that would not work.

So move it you say?

Nope!  not gonna because the mirror has two anchors which would leave two huge holes, which I would have to patch and then paint over, and…..that is a whole nother blog post!

I’m telling you, I could drive a crazy man back  into sanity!

Then it dawned on me!  ding, light bulb lite up and and big ole grin on my face…We will just and more mirrors to the wall off setting the mirror that is already there.  I have an antique mirror in another part of the house and with all of the mirrors at Hobby Lobby and thrift stores I should have the wall filled up in no time.

If you think I’ve lost my marbles just give me some time, I’ll convince you.  And if not, then I will allow you to express your opinion in the comments.  But I’m thinking you will agree with me in the end.

Here’s is the rough draft of after…

and I didn’t even mention the lamps I found and the second hand shop!

I told you the after would be continued…there’s so much more to share with you.  You’ll just have to be patient with me, we have much to do before we can secure the mantle to the wall.

Have no fear though, it won’t fall us in the middle of the night…the bed frame is holding it up.

Here’s hubby’s to do list:

replace door frame and put up new trim (that’s a post in itself! “how Jake got stuck in my room and Riley busted the door open)

replace the baseboards in the room, we’re going with 4” width painted white!

add L brackets and secure mantel to the wall

add wood strips around inside of opening so I can add padded fabric panel so my pillows won’t fall into the empty space.

My to do list:

shop for fabric (for panel and bed skirt)

shop for mirrors

order some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the ugly dresser (another blog post)

I like my to do list better !!!!

What do you think?  Did we do good?

Leave me some feedback in the comments…decorating is fun but it’s more fun with friends.

peace. love. rust.

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6 thoughts on “a before & after to be continued

  1. Can I cry? Seriously. I love it and there is no doubt I’m your daughter. My husband doesn’t share Jim’s love for repurposing 🙂 so I shall have my furniture store house and drool over your creative craftiness.

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