“Out of My Dreams & Into My Heart”

October 2003

Rustique Art jumped out of my dreams and into my heart

these ideas or dreams…they come in my sleep

I keep paper and pen by my bed

sit up. turn on lamp. write it down. draw it out. click off lamp. go to sleep.

the ideas kept coming…creating what was envisioned I eventually had enough for a craft show

My first design was a tea chime.  A vintage tea cup, saucer, vintage silver ware, wire and beads. Without a clue of what to do; all I knew for sure is that the wire had to be copper and the beads had to be glass. For seven years…various designs…my one OCD compulsion was to not use any plastic.  To say the I’m obsessive about it would be a slight understatement.

Who bites beads?  in public no less, to see if they’re glass or not.

Don’t tell my mom 🙂

Well stocked in old dishes; tea cups were abundant in our home, silver ware?  Had that too.  A quick stop at Hobby Lobby for copper wire and glass beads, my bead obsession began.  All that was left was a trip to Home Depot because I needed something to drill holes in pottery and in metal.  Armed with my vast knowledge learned in the very late hours of the night via massive searching on the infinite world wide web, I knew that I needed a titanium drill bit for drilling metal and a funky arrow tipped drill bit for the ceramic drilling.

Now all I needed was water for drilling, patience and prayer.

Can I just brag here a minute.

I never broke a cup or saucer.

Knowledge and patience are powerful things to possess.

Ok. bragfest over.

Ideas for crosses began to evolve;  my little business began to change directions

they do that occasionally and the beauty of this little journey is that it flows wherever it wants.  I don’t try to keep it in a pigeon hole, I kind of let it rule the roost.

It’s gone from tea chimes, thrift store finds lamps and furniture, refinished in the Rustique Art style and sold at consignment shops, craft shows and eventually a website.

Beaded Wire crosses wove their way into my heart and that chapter is still being written today.

“Rustique Art is multifaceted gem in the rough being refined by the flow of an unbridled current.”

Sometimes it stands completely still; including my ideas and then there are times were many projects are in process.

That would be now.

My tea chimes are a memory, but I still have some of the tea cups that had been drilled.

so I had this idea!

Have I mentioned why I named my little business Rustique Art?

because I love “rust + antiques” and “Art” covers a multitude of creative ambitions!

holes in cups…plants…rusty objects…hummmit just might work

it’s pretty cutei like it.

no…I love it.

I think that I’ll have to make more!

Where do your dreams lead you?


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14 thoughts on ““Out of My Dreams & Into My Heart”

  1. I LOVE this idea! It’s totally fab! And I loved reading a little about your creative journey. Isn’t it funny how we get to where we are? Now I need a fence first, then a rake and tea cups:)

  2. Oh my giddy aunt! This is just wonderful, I saw a load of sorry looking tea cups at the Sally Army, it would be lovely to give them a new lease of life!

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