Planning Ahead: Making Biscuits from Scratch

I love biscuits.

I love making biscuits. I make a lot of biscuits.

and I like to make things easy when making biscuits because I don’t pop a can open

it’s scratch batch biscuits.

this post has been in line to write for a few weeks now…my oven went out so instead of seeing my biscuits

you get to see some photos from Country Living.  not too shabby right?

the upside is that when looking for a compatible photo for my biscuits

I stumbled upon some others…and they were too good to pass up.

You’ll see those later in the post.

My favorite biscuit recipe comes from my favorite cookbook…Fannie Farmer!

As you can see…I’ve just about worn it out. However the pages are still in tact; so until they fall out…it’s my go to cook book for everything.

Since I make biscuits so much…I like to plan ahead; therefore I like to keep some batches made up for quick mixing anytime we get a hankering for piping hot biscuits with melted butter and mom’s homemade strawberry jam.
With ingredients gathered and several containers, I measure out all of the dry ingredients for storing.

Dry Ingredients are as follows;

2 cups unbleached flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cream of tartar
1 Tbsp sugar

Now just cover and label with easy instructions…oven temp and remaining ingredients

Preheat oven to 450 and cut in one stick of softened butter,

add 2/3 cup of milk

*one day by mistake I added 1 full cup of milk and my biscuits turned out better so now I do 1 cup of milk, sometimes mistakes are a good thing !

If biscuits are planned for breakfast, I will lay out the butter the night before that way it’s ready to go.

We have family coming to visit in June and menus are already being planned, biscuits will be a staple during this time.

Biscuits should not only be for the breakfast menu they are great served with dinner too.

Add shredded cheese, garlic and basil, you then have a great hearty bread to serve with soups and meat dishes.

Below are some other ideas for biscuits for any time of the day.


Sweet Potato Biscuits


Pumpkin Biscuits

Here’s a tip…for fluffy biscuits when cutting out the shape don’t twist the cutter.  Just apply pressure and flip out onto baking sheet.  Also, I prefer my biscuits just slightly browned on the top…this insures a light fluffy inside and slightly crispy outside.
Are you hungry yet?

What do you eat your biscuits with?  Jam…Honey or just good ole butter!


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