Miraculous and Inspirational

I bought a piece of exercise equipment today

I’m still in shock that I would do this because I’ve always thought it was just too extravagant

Why spend money on equipment when you can just get up and walk around the block?

But I posted a question on my face book fan page this morning.

“Inspired” was the topic, what or who inspires you and who do you inspire?

Well  this started my wheels turning and as I walked by a mirror I was inspired to take the mirror off of the wall and cover every other mirror in the house.

I was inspired to never eat another piece of fried food and drink nothing but water the rest of my life.

Then I remembered where I left my coffee cup and sat down to reconsider that last statement.

Yea…scratch that last one.  I don’t want get too crazy here.

You see it’s my arms.  I don’t like them and guess what?

It’s Spring in Texas!  Yay!

Sleeveless blouses…Boo!

Okay…I need to work on my upper body. Check.

Moving on to other things the inspire me.

Messes inspire me to clean.

You see this tree… I love this tree.

It was literally a twig when we moved into our house back in 1986.

but look what it does

it’s awful…

and everything thing in our backyard has an inch of fine green powder

and these little doo-hickies that the tree sheds…

They are everywhere!

one positive is…it makes great compost material…

once we dig it out of our pool skimmer baskets.

Being the multitasker that I am, I figured this was one way to get two things done at one time.

so…here is my newest acquisition.

While it won’t hold clothes in my bedroom

It won’t gather dust under my bed

and it will probably never end up in a garage sale


Meet Bristles…my flabby arm buster!


Best $7 I’ve ever spent!


I was also inspired to move into a more modern laundry sorting method…

for years my laundry pile grew by day (some day’s by the minute) on the floor in front of my washer and dryer.  Although geographically this was great…sorting was no fun and it just looked tacky, unless every piece of clothing was always clean.  Yea that happens for a nano second and then “poof” something appears.


Off to WalMart I go, I was on a mission.

This was also the same week that we had totally emptied out DS’s room so we could paint and do a floor treatment.

He needs new digs.

I found what I needed at WalMart came home, emptied the box in the only room that still offered a few square feet of empty floor

Yes…all those dots were holes from years of posters and whatever else that kid could hang on his wall

little did I know that this was a magic room…

I dumped the parts…turned and walk out of the room, closing the door behind me.

You see…I had flowers to plant, I have my priories.

Planting requires daylight…assembly of hamper doesn’t.

Later that evening I go back to play with my new toy


it had been put together…

just like that!

magic 🙂

I know…it really wasn’t magic.

But it was a bit mysterious.

You see…DS thought it was for him, so he put it together.

awwwwhhhhh….how sweet!

magic? no.

really smart move on mom’s part?

you betcha!

now that is inspiring…right?



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