Darlin…You Love Me? Then You Must Love My Rust

Nope that wasn’t in the wedding vows

but I knew before I said “I do” that I was in for a lifetime of…

Packer football (he’s a die hard fan)

Ranger baseball (because there were no baseball teams in WI)

fraternity reunions

and road trips with kids and dogs

I knew that he smoked and he didn’t always put things away

was a little grumpy bear at times


he loved me and my three children with the biggest heart this side of the Red River!


So you would think that he would have known what he was in for…right?

I mean what’s the harm of  little rust between two people in love?

why should it matter that matched furniture drives me nuts and that all of our furniture will never match on purpose? At least it will be etched with memories…literally!

or that some of it would be made of sticks.

why would he care if our wood furniture was distressed, painted and chippy?

and all those vintage cookie jars are really very cute, as it turns out he loved them too

this came to light when he began to scour the flea markets and antique shops for any and all he could find.


Oh…did I forget to mention that he loves to go to flea markets, antique shops, salvage centers?

ooops!  my bad.

So when I come home with a truck full of good ole rusty metal things…

he shouldn’t be surprised.

Most of the time he’s not…he just begins to unload it and ask the same question he always asks;

What is it?


Where ya going to put this?

I always have the perfect place for it!


he loves me so much

so therefore…

he must love my rust!


5 thoughts on “Darlin…You Love Me? Then You Must Love My Rust

  1. Sounds like TRUE LOVE.

    Ok…change of subject real quick…that dress form. I just googled succulents and they used a form like that (it was a chicken actually ..lol) and they stuffed it with moss, and added succulents to it. It filled out and was just gorgeous! I don’t know if you garden much, but that dress form would be amazing covered in bumpy succulents…lol. Try it? You aren’t busy are you? lol

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