Have You Linked Your Facebook Fan Page From Your Profile Page Yet?

Just when you think you have it all figured out; someone throws you a curve ball.
That’s okay if your ready and know out to make the most out of the changes…it would be nice to know about the changes though and how to use them for your benefit; like driving more traffic to your facebook fan page without lifting a finger.

If your savvy on facabook and know all about these changes, don’t click away…I might have left something out and your advice in the comments will help other people.

Here’s the deal. See the circled area below on my facebook profile page. This is new…well not today new, it’s been there for awhile but facebook has made some improvements to this little jewel.

If you had gone into your info area and had added an employer before and someone clicked on the active link from your profile page they would be directed to this default page.

Now it can look like this (below) if you have a fan page for your business, blog, website…ect.  That is if you have filled in the information correctly.

It’s pretty simple; here is what you do.

From your profile page find and click  the “edit profile” button top right of page.  You will now be in your profile edit page.  There is a menu on the left of the page, find and click the “education & work” link with the little briefcase next to it.  You will be directed to a page like the one below.  You will see mine has already been set.

If you had previously filled in your employer and still have the default page, you can click the edit and change by typing in your facebook fan page name.

*Note: sometimes it will find your page while you are typing and you simply click from the selection and your done, but sometimes it doesn’t.  Just continue to add your fanpage name. Also, if you have not chosen your vanity url yet you might have to use the number id in your url and place that in the employer field.

Once you finish, save your changes and you should see your pages photo and information along with the live link to your fanpage. Fill out your position too and any other information, you can even type in under position something like “visit my fan page” that will populate on your profile right under your profile name.

Now it should look like this when people move the cursor over the active link; giving your friends the opportunity to find your fan page and “like” it.
Okay. that’s great for your facebook friends…but what about people who know you and your name but aren’t your friends.  Let’s say someone “an acquaintance” has located you by doing a search on facebook; they can still find your fan page information without being one of your friends.

For me personally, my profile is for personal friends and family, but that doesn’t mean that I want to turn away people who might want to buy my designs or read my blog or follow Rustique Art via the fan page.

You can set your privacy settings so that your fan page link is seen even if you have no other information showing.

This is a view of what a person would see if they searched for me on facebook.

If you prefer your facebook landing page to be private with the least amount of information showing; you can do that and still send traffic to your fan page.

and here is how…

From you profile page, find the “Account” tab at the top right corner of the page.  Find and click the “Privacy Settings” link in the account tab.

You will then locate the Connecting on Facebook link and click the “view settings” link as shown below.

Next, locate the little briefcase in the list; set that to “Everyone”

I choose to hide my list of friends and my likes and activities and I only want messages from people I know so those are set to “Friends Only”

This is my preference only, you should do what you feel comfortable with.

To see how your Profile looks when someone “non friend” finds you, click the “Preview My Profile” button.

Do this as many times as it takes to get the results you want.

Now… your done!

Go back to your profile page and test out your new toy.   Then share with all of your friends…

because this is also a really quick way to flip over to your fanpage without having to type it into the search bar.

Now come on over and join us on Rustique Art’s facebook fan page if you haven’t already.

or just gitter done right here!

Oh. and please share your fan page address with me so I can visit you.

5 thoughts on “Have You Linked Your Facebook Fan Page From Your Profile Page Yet?

  1. It didn’t work for me, I created a profile page a couple years ago knowing nothing about facebook. A couple of days ago I wanted to create a community page that I have & been working on. However it seems since I upgraded to the new email I to confirm my information. Everytime I add my page or the url it take me to a new page not mine? Have any suggestions?

  2. very good info…I didn’t know about the fan page/employer link either until someone told me, my Lucy Designs was just going straight to a community page

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