Wall Crosses – The Stories they Tell

G8SSL_SeptemberThere’s no question about it…I love crosses.  Not just for it’s symbolism of salvation, but because of the diversity of designs and I truly believe that each one tells a story.  You ask anyone who collects crosses and they will tell you where they bought it, found it, received it and from who and what that occasion or person means to them.

Yes,  I believe each and every cross holds with in it, a story to be told.  The crosses that I design and create each have a story before they are sold or given away.  As I set about to make a cross, whether it has been commissioned by someone,  to make for a gift or just because I’m in the mood to play with my obscene stash of beads, a story begins.

Just like this cross shown.  I made this cross specifically for a donation for a friend of mine.  It was placed in a silent auction a few weeks ago at a  fundraiser dinner.  This dinner was a kick off for the Walkers 4 Hope.  This team of walkers will assemble on the 24 of October for the Plano Light the Night Walk.   A team of people gathering to support, raise funds and awareness for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s.  The evening walk is a yearly  fund-raising event.  To read more about this team and there goals visit their site.

Our friend and neighbor, Doug Campbell, is the story behind this cross.  Doug has been in battle with an incurable non-Hodgkins lymphoma for nine years.  He and his wife Stacey are amazing.  They are faithful and calm in this storm.  Doug doesn’t allow this disease to break him.  He continues to train and participate in bike races and Stacey supports him and educates us along the way.  They have three beautiful daughters and the cutest dog.  The sweetest little family.  To pass by their house you would not assume anything was testing this family.  The yard is surrounded with a hedge of  Waxleaf Ligustrum bushes and you go under a vine covered archway to walk to their front door.  Warm and quaint.  But tested they are and I am inspired every day by their strength, love and compassion.  I am humbled and proud to know them.NMC_25campbell#141671

So… I was more than excited…I was honored that I was allowed to participate and make a cross to donate.  My mind wanders when I wonder…who ended up with it?  What does this cross mean to them?  Did the person who bid on it and won, did they keep it?  Give it as a gift?

I guess one could speculate that if walls could talk…the crosses would really tell some stories.

For more information about Doug Campbell and his story visit these sites:





Who wouldn’t want to do anything they could to help someone they know find their cure.  You can help in the smallest ways.  Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry is the first step to becoming a bone marrow donor.   A swab of the cheek and your done.  You could be the one.

The month of October Rustique Art is helping to meet the Walkers 4 Hope goal of $10,ooo.  They have raised 66% of that goal to date.  With every purchase from my Etsy shop, 10% of the total purchase will go towards this goal.  You get a cross with a story and 10% of your purchase helps fund this team.  When ordering use the code W4H, letting me know you support this team.

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