50th Wedding Anniversary Cross

Meet Russ and Mary…aren’t they adorable? They were married June 15, 1963. Remember your wedding day? Were you thinking about the day you and your beloved would celebrate 50 years of marriage? Not me.  I was just wrapped up in the moment of my wedding day. But I think about it now…More like I dreamContinue reading “50th Wedding Anniversary Cross”

new boots and coco

I bought new boots…well they’re really black suede booties to wear with my skinny jeans. That cracks me up typing that. Skinny Jeans, wish they made me look skinny 🙂 Any who…this is the box they came in. Check out the bottom!  pretty cool.  see it says recycle.  so I did. I also bought someContinue reading “new boots and coco”

rusty wire, a focal & the finished design

I really wanted to create something wonderful today So I gathered some rusty wire a lovely focal bead and whipped up this  little cross my camera didn’t want to play today, so my finished design was photographed with my iPhone, i guess it’ll do in a pinch. just some wire and a stone a littleContinue reading “rusty wire, a focal & the finished design”

Wall Crosses – The Stories they Tell

There’s no question about it…I love crosses.  Not just for it’s symbolism of salvation, but because of the diversity of designs and I truly believe that each one tells a story.  You ask anyone who collects crosses and they will tell you where they bought it, found it, received it and from who and whatContinue reading “Wall Crosses – The Stories they Tell”