Filling the Shop, Custom Orders, a Bible Study and a Room Redo

Hello cooler temps, pumpkins galore and football!  Pinch me, I must be dreaming, because when all those events begin to happen, that means we are in my favorite season of all…Autumn! This also means, I get to wear my jeans and sweaters, make big pots of chili with a side of chips and queso andContinue reading “Filling the Shop, Custom Orders, a Bible Study and a Room Redo”

31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 13 ” The Order “

Sometimes I get carried away with my love for rusty, galvanized metal, industrial treasures, vintage dishes and just plain junk, that I forget to share another side of me. Another side of Rustique Art. The side that started this obsession with rusty + antiques + beads + wire = Rustique Art. My little business isContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 13 ” The Order “”

things to ponder…

pick one thing and do it well, you may have several talents but one stands out above the rest…nurture it and let it shine *** joy is a choice through good and bad times… hang it up on the wall and own it! *** complete one thing a day, even if it’s just making theContinue reading “things to ponder…”

Falling in Love with Fall Colors

Can you  feel it?  I can! the weather is making it’s way toward cooler days the slant of the sun is different football games are scheduled and pre games have begun, students are getting back to school, seasonal decorations out in the stores…lol, ALREADY! albeit subtle….the fall season is coming and I am so excited!Continue reading “Falling in Love with Fall Colors”

Beach Side Vaca Inspires Creative Ideas: Shabby Cottage Wall Crosses

I’m going to the beach! I honor of my down time and get myself in the beach mode I think I’ll share with you some of my favorite beach decor.  I’ve always dreamed of having several houses with different decors.  I love the whitewashed look that lends itself to breezy warm days of summer onContinue reading “Beach Side Vaca Inspires Creative Ideas: Shabby Cottage Wall Crosses”

The Original Barbed Wire Wall Cross “Made in Texas”

In the last six years I’ve gone through; six pairs of thick rawhide gloves, ruined several shirts, stepped on many barbs, one tetanus shot, been scratched so many times I’ve lost count, one really serious injury ( deep gash on back of leg ..nice scar)…I think that covers it.   When I get dressed to makeContinue reading “The Original Barbed Wire Wall Cross “Made in Texas””

Giving Wall Crosses, A Statement of Faith & A Gift of Love

With so many beautiful choices it’s not hard to see why wall crosses make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Great for bridal showers and wedding gifts, a wall cross is gender friendly, making them a perfect gift for the happy couple.  One that will serve as a reminder of their special day for many years.Continue reading “Giving Wall Crosses, A Statement of Faith & A Gift of Love”

Beaded Wall Crosses – Designed to Become a Family Heirloom

In the summer of 2007 I received an email from a perspective client. She wanted to know if I could create a special cross for her new grandson. Below are a few excerpts of her expectations and needs. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, my responses to her where deleted. But I can tell you thatContinue reading “Beaded Wall Crosses – Designed to Become a Family Heirloom”

Flea Market Treasures & True Confessions of a Beadaholic

Last Sunday we piled the kids in the car and headed to East Texas. We were off to spend the day at what is known in these parts as “First Monday.” Canton, Texas is home to one of the largest flea markets in the United States, or so I’ve been told. But then again, isn’tContinue reading “Flea Market Treasures & True Confessions of a Beadaholic”

Wall Crosses – The Stories they Tell

There’s no question about it…I love crosses. Not just for it’s symbolism of salvation, but because of the diversity of designs and I truly believe that each one tells a story. You ask anyone who collects crosses and they will tell you where they bought it, found it, received it and from who and whatContinue reading “Wall Crosses – The Stories they Tell”