DIY Sisal Umbrella Stand

DIY Sisal Umbrella StandThis is how this project ended up.

A pretty close picture of what I imagined it would look like.

Here is what it looked like before a zillion sticks of hot glue and yards of rope.

Glass Cylinder Vase crop

Can you believe this glass container was brought home from a curbside trash pile and survived in my garage for three years without getting broken!  No kidding…we stored baseballs and baseball bats in it.  The fact that this escaped injury for that long in my possession is a miracle in itself.  I had a plan for it from the very beginning, but as many of my plans do, it changed several times.  So I’m really glad it lasted until I could make up my mind then get myself motivated to bring my plan to fruition.

Once the motivation kicked in, it felt like a race to get the supplies bought and get this thing cleaned up and completed before an accident claimed it.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck to have everything ready to go and I break it?

Oh don’t think I didn’t have a few nightmares over this project.  When I brought it in the house to wash it, I envisioned me dropping it, or banging it against the sink while washing it up.  It kind of made me crazy just thinking about it.  But it finally made its way to the table unscathed.  And then it sat there for a few more days.

Pushing my luck has never been something I enjoy doing.  I’m not much of a gambler, so I figured the longer I put this off, odds were an accident would occur and that would be the end of a really great DIY project.

I finally got to Home Depot and found the rope I wanted to use then I needed to figure out what type of adhesive would work best.  I researched and thought I’d found just the right product. But no…while E6000 was recommended, it was not.  Well it might have if I had the patience to deal with it. Took too long to dry and it has a noxious  odor, which I knew from other projects.  Turns out, I didn’t need to get all fancy about it, hot glue did the trick just fine.  And from the amount of glue I used, this was a very good turn of events.


As far as rope goes…who knew there were so many choices?  I love texture in our decor, especially the natural colors of texture.  I would even love to have a sisal rug someday.  But I’m afraid it wouldn’t hold up to well in our home.  So I really try to bring in those elements with other things, like the mop rope pillow I crocheted, or the wicker lamp shade I found in an antique shop and refashioned for an old lamp.

For this project I wanted a really nice bold chunky texture so I went with a 3/8″ Manilla rope from Everbilt.

Everbuilt Rope

FYI…this stuff will leave nice little splinters in your fingers.  Probably should recommend you wear gloves when playing with it.  For sure if you let your kiddos use it for projects.

I bought three coils figuring if I didn’t use it all I could always return the extra.

Well I didn’t use all three but I didn’t return the leftover either.  I was so happy with the outcome of this project, a million more began flooding my little brain.

Sisal Umbrella Stand crop

So readers beware!  I have more posts coming with some really fun and easy home decor projects.

This was a really easy project and it didn’t take too long to complete either.  But like I said, the splinters were an issue as was the hot glue getting on my fingers because your using your fingers to push the ropes together as you are wrapping.

Now my entry has a very functional and awesomely textured umbrella stand and I love it!

DIY Sisal Umbrella Stand

peace. love. rust

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