Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan Back Story and Reveal

Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan

It’s an awesome feeling when you have sewn in that last piece of yarn and you’ve finished that long term project.

Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan

After completing a number of crochet projects last year, Riley asked if I would make an afghan for her.  I agreed, however I gave her the assignment of choosing her colors and buying the yarn.

Her first choice of yarn color was not my cup of tea, but she was set on her choice of a pale mint and red combo.  Like I said, not my idea of pretty so I was reeeaaallly happy when when changed her mind….whew!

Her selection of pine, cream, teal and brown was definitely more to my liking and I loved that a father’s day card, that she had given to her daddy a few years ago, was her inspiration for her colors.

color inspiration for Afghan

My mister is very sentimental and saves pretty much every card he receives.  This one stayed on his nightstand for a couple of years only to be moved when I dusted, which in truth isn’t very often, but every now and then.  Now that the afghan is finished, I will put it back.

I posted this pick on Instagram last August only four rows and the first color change into the project.  You can already see the shape of the ripple.  This for some reason was very exciting for me.  I guess it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited, uh?

crochet granny ripple afghan

A week later I posted this pic after I had completed the first two of four color sequences.  At this point I was about 22 rows into the project and I found a mistake.  So about 10 rows had to come out.  This happens a lot for me.

first sequence

I know sometimes little things can be overlooked, but this mistake was a whopper and it would have messed up the whole design.  So pulling out stitches and sometimes starting over is just part of the process.  Plus I am just a little bit of a perfectionist, and it really would have driven me nuts to know there was a mistake and I didn’t fix it.

After that one mishap everything went great from there.  And then came the holidays…those can through a kink into your projects can’t they?

This Granny Ripple design was really easy to learn and it was a very enjoyable project.  I look forward to starting another one for my oldest daughter in the next few days.  I found this design on Pinterst and because the pic was pinned correctly (yay for the person who pinned it, you’re awesome) I was able to find the tutorial and start working the project.

In hindsight…no regrets but the one thing I would have done differently is the width.  You  can make an afghan as long as you want, but the width has to be set with the beginning chain.

crocheted granny ripple afghan

It’s about the width of a twin bed and it is really long.  She wanted it to cover her from head to toe.  I made it about 7′ in length.  So it more than covers her.  But I will probably make the next afghan a little wider.

In the photo below you can see the color repeat for this design.  Again this is something Riley had decided on.  She told me how she wanted the colors to change and the pattern for the repeat.   This photo shows the colors nicely due to the natural light in the room that day.

crocheted granny ripple afghan

Riley is very happy with her afghan and I’m thrilled she loves it.

Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan

She has is stored away for her future home with her future hubby.


Big news….Riley is engaged!

We are thrilled for her and we love our future son in law.

He’s pretty terrific and he treats her like a precious gift.

Justin and Riley

Can you guess what I’ll be busy with in 2015?

peace. love. rust.


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7 thoughts on “Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan Back Story and Reveal

  1. That is a beautiful afghan, the granny ripple pattern seems like a fun one to work, the colors are fabulous. Congrats on finishing, too. That’s quite a project!

  2. A wedding! Yay!!!
    The afghan is beautiful!! Love the pattern. My very first photo on Instagram was of a ripple stitch afghan crib blanket. It was my first ripple stitch LARGE project. With that one you have to do it just right to get the edges STRAIGHT! I thought I was going to lose my mind. :/

    Love this one– and I’ll tell you– I don’t like weddings! Isn’t that crazy? Nuts.
    We eloped…
    Long story! But one with a happy ending.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this project. It’s a a relief knowing that i’m not alone when a project is long over due. This gives me another umph in making a new one this year 🙂

    Thank you kindly,


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