Refreshing Pear Salad

Pears poster
One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit.

Fresh pears are a favorite in our family. Not only are they beautiful in my fruit bowl, they are sweet and delicious.

Everyone seems to have their favorite kind. My husband loves the Red Bartlett, our son loves the Bosc, but I love them all.

I prefer mine cold, cut in half, cored and sliced.

I also think that I would love them in a cobbler or a pie…in the fall that is, but for summer I love to toss them in salads.

About 25 years ago I was served canned pear halves topped with two other ingredients.  I’ll be honest,  I didn’t want to eat it but I was a guest and my mother always told me to at least try what I was served when I was a guest in someone’s home.



I tried. I loved.

This strange recipe became a family favorite, but I haven’t prepared it in awhile because I don’t buy a lot of canned fruit anymore.


this weekend while preparing dinner, I had a craving for this salad and all I had was fresh pears

so I revisited this unusual pear salad recipe with a fresh twist.

Pear Salad recipe edited

It’s a very simple and quick salad to prepare with only three ingredients

Pears, Mayo and Sharp Cheddar Cheese…that’s it.

I washed, cut, cored and cubed two fresh Green Anjou pears

added 1/2 shredded cheese and 1/4 mayo

stir. chill. serve

you can even sprinkle some cheese on top for garnish


Summer Pear Salad

Now before you wrinkle up your nose and say “eewww”, you have to try it at least once just to say you did

the original version is to drain a large can of pear halves

arrange on a plate, top each pear half with a dollop of mayo, then top with shredded cheddar cheese

Hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Refreshing Pear Salad

  1. That sounds really good!
    I bet with the mayo ( which I’m not find of) and the cheese I would me able to eat this!
    A substitution to our pear salad with pecans, cheese, pears and poppy seed dressing(loaded with sugar)
    I may give this one a try!
    I’m looking for new healthy for me food!

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