There Are Busy Bees in My Garden Today

With the flowers in full bloom, the bees are busy gathering pollen in my backyard.

So busy they are, gathering so much pollen they look like me running in the store determined to only buy a “few things” so I forgo the cart.

In theory, I only get what I can carry that way I won’t spend so much.

Bee Gathering Pollen

I figure if I have a cart I’ll just buy more.

My theory works pretty well….

Bee Gathering Pollen

that is until I see something I think I need and then I pile it on top.

And then it’s a matter of sheer strength and agility to get to the checkout line without dropping something.

Bee Gathering Pollen

They seem so happy buzzing around from one flower to the next.

Happier than I am when shopping!

I’m so thankful for these little workers, they sure make our world a wonderful place.


4 thoughts on “There Are Busy Bees in My Garden Today

  1. Hi Cindi-
    beautiful pictures! It must be nice to be able to get pictures of the busy bees… the mosquitoes are so bad here, it’s dash out and dash back in again!
    We had more rain today…so they’ll be here as long as the weather stays like this. If we ever get really hot days… it will hopefully improve!
    Love following you on instagram…
    take care, Pat

    1. Hey Pat…I’ll take some more rain. Happy to hear some of Texas is getting it. I feel so greedy wanting more, we did have a couple of really nice rainy days last week, but I want more.
      Do you guys have bats around your property? They love those skeeters!

  2. Your store situation sounds familiar – I go to the home improvement store for a can of spray paint and leave with enough stuff to build a small house 🙂
    I love your up-close shots of the bees – they are fascinating creatures!

    1. Thank you Lynda, yes they are wonderful little workers. Yeah, I rarely grab a cart in Home Depot or Lowes, unless hubby is with me and he wants to pay for my shopping spree 🙂

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