sick day

102.5 temp, headache and achy body

my poor baby boy

at least he found a way to get fluids in his body without using up his energy

yes, that really is three straws stuck end to end…”the extension straw”

 I suppose necessity really is the mother of invention

and I really like the way he has his books out so I think he’s studying

you think he’s using the calculator on his phone? or maybe a history app

surely he’s not texting his friends while they’re in class

and the wii remote, that’s just a paper weight

odds are there’s a movie playing on the tv

all in all, he’s a pretty good patient

and obviously a wonderful multi tasker

he’s back in school now, this was last week

as for the rest of my family

so far, so good 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “sick day

  1. Glad to hear he’s feeling better.
    My son is not feeling well and I texted him last night “how are you” His reply this morning. Not dead yet.
    The bright side – quickest response I’ve received in a while.

  2. I feel bad that he is sick… but the photo made me laugh! 🙂 Love the the extension straw! Hope he is better soon! New follower on your linky followers… do you like it? I think it is going to be a nice tool to use!

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