the day after

I’m a few pounds heavier than I was yesterday morning and the reason why?

yes…I got a box of chocolates.  Don’t be too jealous, I have a tummy ache to go with those few extra pounds, due to my lack of will power. You would think I’d learn how to use moderation.  But when it comes to chocolates the only thing I know what to do is DIVE IN!

When it comes to getting those extra pounds off, I am fully aware of  what I need to do;

it’s what these things are made for…

WALKING! and a lot of it!  because you know what’s just around the corner?

Spring! Which means sleeveless and shorts. (ohhhh the visual is killing me) long shorts for me, more like capri pants

maybe a gunny sack

OH.  and I received these too…

and these remind you of…?


it’s almost here in Texas

I love my hunky man, he bought me chocolates

and then he promised to start walking with me

I’ll let you know how that works out

Guess I better finish off that box of chocolates

wouldn’t want to keep that around too long

I say just get it over with

and then move in a more healthy direction, like…

down the road

around the block

x 1,000,000

that should do it!

3 thoughts on “the day after

  1. My thinking exactly!!! Just do it, get it over with and then deal with it!! LOL, the box of candy did look good. I thank GOD that I’m not a big sweet person and I love your pretty flowers.

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