add charm with “cozy nooks”

I adore older homes.

They have nooks, crannies, charm, character and…built ins!

We bought our home new in 1986.  It now qualifies as an older home, but it didn’t come with nooks or crannies.  We made those.  It didn’t come with much character, but it has plenty now. Charm?  It’s getting there.

I guess you could say that our home had one built in…a wet bar.  I removed it after a few years and it’s now a nook. Not as cozy as I would like it to be, but that’s okay, now I get to imagine all of the possible levels of cozy that might fit just right into this little nook.

It could end up being a bit more functional that it is now.   Maybe a “built in” bench seat” with storage space underneath, a cushion and some pillows.  And place to curl up and read like so…


I think this is pretty cozy.

You might not find me for a few days if this were in my home.

Then again maybe a nice overstuffed chair or small sofa would be just as nice.

I’ll even take the cuddly little pooch with the cozy chair.  I don’t mind sharing. If this were your space to play with, what would you prefer? Functional or Cozy? How would you play this space?

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