add character with “built ins”

Want to know a little secret about me? I’m a bit quirky, a romantic and I’m sentimental. I adore and dream of living in a little cottage, filled with character and charm. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? Hard wood floors throughout, little nooks, a few of the period fixtures in working condition of course, exposed rock or brick fireplaces (the more the better)and…

lots of “built ins”.

A few years ago, we knocked out a wall and enclosed our back patio. We did this for two reasons; one, to open up our den by adding 72 sq.ft and two because we knew that we would get more use out of this space as an indoor space rather than an outdoor space. There were TWO things I wanted to have when all was said and done; french doors and a built in bookshelf. I envisioned an area that could accommodate two comfy chairs, a small table with a lamp. An area to snuggle in the sun on a cold day and read, or in the summer, an area to open up the double french doors to let the fresh air in and easy access to the pool and patio for entertaining. This of course is my dogs favorite feature, this way they can come and go as they please, bask in the sun poolside or in most cases, an obstacle free path to the trees where several squirrels play chase.

Rudy thinks they’re playing with him.

I’m happy to say that I got what I wanted, but…we’ve yet to use the room to it’s fullest potential. Plans are being made to make it more useful, but for now it’s functional and I love my bookshelves. For me they add character to my home. It’s just one of those things I would envision a little cozy cottage would have. Now here’s the quirky part; I scour Pinterst and blogs looking for ideas on how to decorate and arrange the six shelves of my built in bookcase.

Weird but true.

Here are some of the inspiration photos I’ve found recently…


I love the idea of mixing books with collections. The random color splashes and textures, intrigue me. Much like a piece of art on canvas,  I am captivated by the various shapes and sizes of the objects.


You see I don’t desire to have books perfectly placed in the shelves, a bit of randomness is what I prefer.  Some might even consider my style a bit junky and disheveled, with a touch of oddity tossed in.


In fact if I were building a home, I would build it to look quaint and cozy with loads of charm and character.  Utilizing every area for built ins. In most homes built today, there are so many under utilized spaces.


Since I’m not building a new home, I plan on making the best use out of what we live in now.   And while I don’t have stairs…I just couldn’t resist sharing this well thought out design.

Source: via Cindi on Pinterest


I love to collect all kinds of things and read books, I imagine that I  would have a need for “built ins” in every room.

Source: via Annamarie on Pinterest


Even the entry way? Maybe so…I love how the photo above shows the built in up over the doorways. Nothing goes to waste. Same is true in the photo below. Every inch of that wall is being used in someway.



Here’s one of my favorite examples of charm and character with a touch of cozy added in…




and if you ever lost me, you would look here first!

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