a door frame for Christmas…and more!

West Wing…Sun Room…Library, it’s a room with many names.  A room that was once the back patio, a door way that was once a wall one window and a door to the back patio.  Since we needed more room and more light, we removed the wall, enclosed the patio, added french doors (for light) and a bookshelf.  Since this room faces due west…West Wing,  since this room allows more light into the den…Sun Room, bookshelves…Library. Needless to say we’ve had fun coming up with silly names for this room.  Since it is our only way into the back yard and pool area, and the only door that we shuttle our dogs in and out, bring in fire wood and transport food back & forth for outdoor dinning and BBQ’s then I think we could add, mud room and butler’s pantry.

Last spring we spent a weekend removing the french doors in this room and replacing the frame, repairing and repainting the doors in time for Riley’s graduation gatherings.  Now it’s time to repaint the other side and replace the hardware…all in good time, the walls came first.

This was as it was in gold which eventually got old…

 Can you picture a wall there where that opening is?  It made for a pretty dark and cramped space, especially when you pile a lot of people in my den.   And although the patio wasn’t a huge area, it still opened up the room and added a lot more natural light.

In the spring time we can open both of those doors and the room opens up that much more, it’s great having a few weeks with them open, nice fragrant breezes.  The pool and dining area are just steps away and when the g’children are here the doors are secured with several locks, one being at the top and it stays engaged when the doors are closed.

Just to the right of the photo above you can see a door frame…this was how this whole project began.  That door frame (I ashamed to admit) has remained unfinished for about…12 years.  Wow…time sure slips away.  Anyway, I told Mr. Rust that’s what I wanted for Christmas…the door frame finished out.

Well I got what I wanted and more!

My husband is so wonderful…so I guess I will indulge him one more time!

oh…did I forget to mention that this little room also gets to be the GB Packer Christmas room.  🙂

Gotta run. We’re off to meet our son, daughter in law and three of the cutest boys you’ve ever seen, at the Gaylord for our 2nd annual Christmas Eve lunch and exhibits.

Hugs to all and Merry Christmas,

2 thoughts on “a door frame for Christmas…and more!

  1. Beautiful rooms Cindi! And I’m so happy to see you (or your husband) are Packer fans !! So are we! It’s a small world….
    Have a Merry Christmas,

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