there’s more to it…the big reveal continues

After writing yesterday’s post about the entry reveal, I stumbled upon this photo of the “real” before of our entry plus all the junk we piled into this small space when we were beginning this tiny little renovation.  We started in that corner to the left.

This was then…

this is now…

and  off to the right…

it once looked like this.

cranberry red walls a gold entry, gold hallway and gold sun room…

once  we painted the red walls with Kilz paint, I wondered…

what was I thinking? about the red and gold that is.

I had put off painting our den because I was…content, then complacent and then somewhat nervous.

But after looking at the white walls I knew we had done the right thing, but after two days I knew that we would need some kind of color on the wall and some type of treatment to breakup all of the wall space in this room.

The ceiling is 12′ in the den and it’s a box shape with no windows and A LOT of wall!

hence the reason for my fabulous idea to add board and batten in all three areas,

and paint in two colors 5 weeks before Christmas…

at this point Thanksgiving is over, we’re back home…Mr. Rust is working on this half of the room, I’m in the opposite corner patching holes, sanding and painting.

We work  well together…on opposite ends of the room 🙂

Now when you walk into our home and look to the left it looks like this!

We are deliriously happy about the way it looks.

now if you want to pan a little bit further to the right,

it looked like this…remember,

red walls…

then the bright white of Kilz…and patching some cracks 😦

that’s a lot of wall!

and a lot of white.

Now it’s a warm Toasted Marshmallow with a board and batten feature painted in a creamy white.

The color you see on the walls in the den looks to be more yellow than in the sun room, but they are both painted in the same paint color, it’s just that the den has lights on…about a zillion watts (no windows remember) and the sun room has french doors across the back wall, so you see the natural light coming through in that room.

We still have some finish work to do, like continue the wood flooring into the sun room…

and a thousand other things.  One at a time, I know.

Tomorrow I’ll keep on going to the right and show off the sun room (that’s not complete, but then if it was what would I have to blog about next month?) the fireplace and a cozy little nook.  You might even be able to see the real reason for this little project.

3 thoughts on “there’s more to it…the big reveal continues

  1. Wow Cindi… what a difference!! beautiful!! My sis in law use to love that cranberry color on her walls (put in in two houses)… but…she eventually moved on from it (almost with the same color as yours) and brightened up her space as well! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Season!! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

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