Rusty Hinges Hang’n Out in the Garden

Remember my adventure at this place?

The Shop that’s filled with all kinds of rustic loveliness.

I bought so many things here Mr. Cline began to wonder if I were from another planet.  Or maybe he thought he hit the lottery 🙂

Who knows what he was thinking…but he was happy to accommodate my flurry of pick’n.

After awhile the Mrs. came out and asked if I was opening a shop.


“Just having fun” I stated with a punch drunk grin on my face.

My eyes might have been glazed over but I’m pretty sure I kept my drooling under control.

while at The Shop of rustic goodness I found these three rusty gate hinges and snatched them up.

I found them to be quite wonderful and had a plan for them before Mr. Cline could get them up to the front…

which was where all my other wonderustic stuff was waiting.

My plan was simple, flip the hinges open all the way back.

It then makes a perfect 90 degree angle.

See I did learn one thing in Geometry…but that’s it.

You know…

now that I have time to sit here and look upon this photo, I see many pretties that I missed.

For instance, do you see that funky looking green pinappley flower thingy?

hum…wonder what that is?

Oh…and I spy a claw!  Well really it looks to be ice block tongs. Dang it!

back to the rusty hinges…I needed something to hang my plant baskets from in the backyard and these worked great.

You just need to give the hinge some clearance as it is bulky and can’t lie flush.

Easy to fix…just sit it at the top of the fence post.

I know you can figure out the rest…set the screws and screw it in.

I just found this to be really fun and a great workout for my upper arms.  🙂

Since it’s not budging with only the two screws I left it at that and gave my arms a rest.

It really wasn’t that bad and not enough work to pull out my drill to do the work.

Just so you know, I will be rusting up the screws even if I have to use a brown sharpie.

Obsessive isn’t it?

My thought was that the hook would slip right into the hole at the end of this point…

nope, this was the smallest of the three hinges and the metal hook part is too large, but this will work for now.

Nice flower basket uh?

Time to go plant shopping…can’t you just envision some pretty petunias cascading over the sides of this basket?

The beaded wire was a fun project I did last summer, you can read about it here.

There were some other things that really caught my eye.

but who would rob this sweet little kitty of her bed?

Not me…she just looks too sweet in this buggy.

With two more hinges to hang and flowers to plant…

Spring has arrived and motivation to spruce up the backyard is kicking into high gear.

Wait until you get a load of my fun idea for one of the flower beds…

I promise it will be sew fantastic!


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