Kerrville…Fun to Go, Hard to Leave; a story of how I cope!

I’m back from my visit to Kerrville and it’s bittersweet…

Always fun to go and so very hard to leave…

because of these fabulous five…look at all of those delicious cheeks!

If you’ve never been to the Kerrville or any of the Hill Country in Texas then you need to add it to your bucket list.

The Guadalupe River runs right through the middle of Kerrville.

Easy enough to get to for an afternoon dip or a quick stop for a bite of lunch, you can get right up close to the rivers edge, lots of trees to sit under too.

I highly recommend Classic Hamburgers for your picnic lunch…oh my goodness yum!

Order your burger and fries “to go” and go sit by the river…doesn’t get much better than that.

But to make it more fun you should add 4 kids and a baby in a Suburban with winds gusting around 30 miles  an hour.

Oh and add the extra large geese and ducks running toward you wanting to be fed.

The best lunch I’ve ever eaten and memories to boot!

Ducks or Geese?

Never asked a man to settle a debate…

Autumn (daughter) says these are ducks

I say they are geese…

When writing this post Jake (teenage son) replies;

They’re Gucks…no wait; They’re Deese!

I guess he sees siding with either one of us, a detriment to his health!

so he takes the high road…I say he’s a chicken!


So how do I cope with the sadness of leaving my babies

driving for 5 – 6 hours in a 5 speed Ford Ranger…

with lot’s of empty space in the bed of the truck?  🙂

I’m so glad you asked!

I stop a lot…at my favorite places.

Heading North just up the road from Burnett, almost to Lampasas on 281

it beckons me with all the rust a girl could want!

This is “The Shop”

simple name…fabulous fun!

Be still my Rustique heart!

There’s a dog, two cats and Mr. & Mrs. Cline

Lots of junk…lots of good company…lots of time to stretch

and fill up my truck! notice there’s room for more?

Time to move on down the road.

next stop…

Queen B’s in Hamilton.

I knew this would be trouble the minute I stopped.

but I really only left with a few things…

because I had blown my whole kitty at The Shop down the road…

I was down to my last $20 in cash…and I spent it well!

Can wait to share my finds…but it will have to wait till tomorrow!



now you know two of my secret haunts

and now you know how I cope with saying goodbye to my sweeties.

But I have some pretty cute sweeties waiting for me at home too

and after a week of no mama around

everyone makes me feel like a queen when I return!


2 thoughts on “Kerrville…Fun to Go, Hard to Leave; a story of how I cope!

  1. oh my, those kids are precious! And, I am in love with your two shops along the way! That totally makes the drive better:)

  2. They are so beautiful! The baby’s shirt is adorable!!!!!

    And, hate to say it, but those are geese…to be sure! I worked on a bird farm when I was younger and while they’re not our typical Canadian Geese that we see up North here, they’re definitely geese! =)

    Glad you had fun!

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