Divine Inspiration

Why is it that whenever I am under pressure to meet a deadline I seem to dream up the most unusual creations. Do other people go through this phenomenon? It doesn’t matter how much time I’ve had to chew on a particular project…It always goes the way of…procrastination! and as the deadline begins to loom in the horizon my sleep becomes deprived because my mind races with thoughts of colors and dimensions.

Here’s the scoop…A couple of weeks ago, more like three or four weeks ago, I was approached by a staff member at my church. She was in charge of creating a “retreat like” atmosphere within our chapel. Our church hosts a conference each year called C3 where pastors from all over converge on our church to be fed with all types of tidbits ranging from, how to begin a church all the way to children’s activities and other various topics of being a creative church in today’s world. So, the “retreat” was to be equipped with massage therapists and small quiet areas for journaling, prayer, reading and relaxation. It was called the relaxation zone….the person in charge of pulling it all together ask me and several other artists if they would like to display some of their artwork in this area. Wow! What an honor…I said, YES!!!! I would love to do that. It was explained to me how she envisioned the “zone” would look and asked if I had some really large designs. I told her that I didn’t have anything as large as she was requesting, but that I would make a couple of designs. No sooner did I walk outside did I start to doubt my ability to create something…..anything! And why? You would think that I would know by know that if God gave me this gift and He presents an opportunity to use that gift, then He would provide the idea to create a design. But noooooooo! Doubt leads to procrastination and that leads to panic and that leads to “oh my goodness, I have only one day left” and then……it happens!

It’s like a little drip landing on the stillness of the water. Even the smallest of drops will cause a ripple that spreads out and as it expands little tidal waves wash over my brain. And thoughts begin to appear out of no where. It’s as if God says, “have you thought of this?”

……plink…..ripple…..waves…..an idea begins to emerge and then I rush to my workroom to make this image in my head that I really can’t explain because it’s not really clear to me even, but yet my hands know what to do. Then there is the “wow” moment that follows after all of the ripples fade away and the design is complete.

Divine Inspiration? Ya think?

3 thoughts on “Divine Inspiration

  1. CindiGreat blog! It’s really gorgeous…and your cross really is divine, and divinely inspired! I can totally relate to the procrastination. It’s my middle name…;)Susan

  2. I love the post. You are a really good writer and the cross is beautiful. Welcome to bloggityville!

  3. The cross is lovely and your blog does look awesome, makes me think mine needs some sprucing up, *sigh*, there need to be more hours in the day.

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