my trip to the country, a front seat view!

Saturday mornings are really nice around our house. Typically, Mr. Rust and I sit and drink a pot of coffee and discuss what we need to do vs. what we want to do.  This morning was a little different because the mister still had some work he needed to finish up, coffee was cut aContinue reading “my trip to the country, a front seat view!”

my quirky side

Last night my 16 year old informed me that he needed map colors; “do we have any?” he asked. Now where did I put those? I replied. Because you know I use those everyday. After some digging, I found a large bag full of wonderful goodness Crayons, markers, pens, pencils, glitter glue, a deck ofContinue reading “my quirky side”

Last Friday was “First Friday” and a first for me

About 2 weeks ago my BFF Christy called and asked if I would like to go with her to hear a guest speaker at an event called First Friday.  She explained that the guest speaker would be non other than author Lysa TerKuerst!  Of course I didn’t know she was an author, but I didContinue reading “Last Friday was “First Friday” and a first for me”

a new perspective

This is my favorite bowl.  I found it when I cleaned off the top of the amoire in our den this past weekend.  I find it once a year when I remove it from the safest place in the house.  It sits inside an old crate, that is sitting up on it’s end so itContinue reading “a new perspective”

The Most Wonderfulest Wordfilled Wednesday!

The best part about having your own blog is that you can make up any word you want and who’s gonna care?  and if they do…big deal 🙂 Today is truly just one of my most favoritest days…LOL there I go again. Today is my little pumpkin’s 18th birthday…she’s not so little anymore, but forContinue reading “The Most Wonderfulest Wordfilled Wednesday!”

I Respectfully Disagree!

{sigh} I need a platform, one that has a lot of room to speak my mind and although some may not agree that my personal blog is the place to do it, then I would respectfully ask; “where else”? Pulling out my soapbox….stepping up….hear me roar! I saw this news clip earlier today on YahooContinue reading “I Respectfully Disagree!”

I Want A Do Over!

Wouldn’t that be divine?   To realize that you’ve have messed up, see the error, go back and edit. Not possible I know, that is why sincere apologies are so important, because you don’t get to remove your foot from you mouth, heal a broken heart or undo spoken words.   You can only humbly apologizeContinue reading “I Want A Do Over!”