Don’t Throw It Away!!!!

I used to think that I was so good at getting rid of clutter….Meaning that I have no problem tossing items that don’t concern me. *anything that does not belong to me*

If it is mine….dishes, magazines, pottery, jewelry…it stays!!!! Lately my mantra has become “Don’t throw that away…I can make something out of it!

I have a whole drawer dedicated to broken plates, china, tile….stacks of Country Living magazines that might possibly go back to 2000. The issues dating back to 1988 Jim forced me to toss. He though I needed intervention….I did need a few minutes to compose myself and my fingers had to be pried off of the trash bin.
But I survived and happily began stacking again…this time in my studio so that no one can complain as to how much space they take up.

I do look at them and I refer to back issues often when I need inspiration, motivation….justification!

If I had thrown away a cup and saucer that was chipped, I never would have come up with “Rustique Art“….seriously. That’s how my passion began. I could not bring myself to throw them away so I made this…taa daa! A TeaChime!

And then there was the plate I broke…so sad, it was from a set. Oh well…What is a pack rat to do?

I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than playing with broken dishes, unless it’s going to a flea market looking for more dishes! Speaking of flea markets….it’s Canton Trade Days weekend!!! Wonder what I can find?

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