easy homemade Italian meatballs

I’m pretty lazy when it comes right down to it; therefore if there is a way to cut corners and not sacrifice quality, in this case taste; then count me in. Last night I made my famous meatballs.  They’re really only famous inside this house, but you know what I mean, my family loves myContinue reading “easy homemade Italian meatballs”

What’s for Dinner? Slow-Cooker Italian Stuffed Peppers

Don’t you love having dinner ready when you come home? throw this together in the morning… come home after long day of _____________. Toss a salad together… !viola! Do you own a crock pot? I love mine for stress free meals especially for those nights [which are rare but happen] when activities abound. Come in,Continue reading “What’s for Dinner? Slow-Cooker Italian Stuffed Peppers”