“Get Your Bow On”… 12 Ways to Display a Burlap & Wire Bow

yes… this is a stretch in terms of useful information but you never know when you might need a bow. poetic aren’t i? keeping is simple…cut a square or slightly rectangular piece of fabric. i love burlap so that was my fabric of choice. scrunch in middle. cut some wire to desired length…i used rustedContinue reading ““Get Your Bow On”… 12 Ways to Display a Burlap & Wire Bow”

What Lurks Behind the Madness?

why…oh…why do you read so many blogs? because they teach… i learn they joke… i laugh they confide… i cry & pray they share ideas… i try their ideas yesterday without fail, i learned that mistakes can be a blessing! i found her blog (no that wasn’t my mistake) and she has great ideas. ding…lightContinue reading “What Lurks Behind the Madness?”

Rusty Wire + Tree Bark + Tin Roof Scraps =

It was this… and now it’s this… be still my Rustique heart! You think this is dreamy…check out the give-a-way over at FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS. Not just one thing…oh no no no… “10” wonderful items up for grabs. Nothing short of fabulous! Bet you can’t guess what I have my eyes on… Go check itContinue reading “Rusty Wire + Tree Bark + Tin Roof Scraps =”