Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan Back Story and Reveal

It’s an awesome feeling when you have sewn in that last piece of yarn and you’ve finished that long term project. After completing a number of crochet projects last year, Riley asked if I would make an afghan for her.  I agreed, however I gave her the assignment of choosing her colors and buying theContinue reading “Crocheted Granny Ripple Afghan Back Story and Reveal”

Jake, Jack and an Afghan

Jake and Jack have been friends since kindergarten, since they were 5 years old! Now they are both 19 and in college. Both of their birthdays are in June and 9 days apart. What a pair! My son Jake is up in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is his second year there.  Jake is also a cheerleader,Continue reading “Jake, Jack and an Afghan”

Handmade Gifts are the Best {Crochet}

I have a new nephew! He is so sweet and I wish.wish.wish that I could hold him. But he’s in Florida and I’m in Texas. For now I just have to enjoy the photos sent from my brother in law and just imagine how sweet he smells. I get all mushy just thinking about him.Continue reading “Handmade Gifts are the Best {Crochet}”

Easy to Make Boot Cuffs – Inspired to Create

What inspires you? Several things come to mind when I get asked this question.  I am often inspired simply by the desire to make something for someone I love.  Other times I become inspired when I find something in my home that is worn out and needs to be tossed, yet there still seems toContinue reading “Easy to Make Boot Cuffs – Inspired to Create”

two words I will never say

You will never here me say these words; “I’m bored” I don’t believe in boredom, there is always something to do, read, play, pray, create, clean, hoe, mow, clip, trim,plant, wash, cook, bake, design, paint, bead, draw, dream up, sew, stitch, write out, whip up, organize, twiddle your thumbs or just day dream. Boredom isContinue reading “two words I will never say”

she’s so stink’n awesome!

and she’s gentle, kind, loving, adorable and amazingly… C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.  Do you buy TOMS shoes? We do. Although I don’t have any yet 😦 (Note to self… Add TOMS shoes to your wish list) Riley (adorable daughter no.2) has several pairs and every pair she buys a little TOMS bag comes with the shoes. So cuteContinue reading “she’s so stink’n awesome!”

31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 25 “A Funky Fox Hunt in Texas”

I’m not sure if we hunt fox in Texas…or is it foxes? Is fox like moose, it’s single and plural? How did I get down that rabbit hole? Back on track. Okay. Vintage fabric found in an antique store in Ingram,Texas, just Northwest of Kerrville. That’s in the Hill Country. I planned to make pillowsContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 25 “A Funky Fox Hunt in Texas””

31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 3 Sew Easy Projects from Fabric Swatches

I’ve shared with you in previous posts about my hoarding issues and I justify my need to keep things by actually doing something creative from time to time. When a friend of mine was cleaning out a closet she tossed about three fabric sample books out in the throw away box, she was more thanContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 3 Sew Easy Projects from Fabric Swatches”

skirting an issue & justifying another

I’m a groupie, I’ll admit it. I follow, I browse and glean tons of info from the blogs I follow. I have one or two blogs I read everyday, don’t always comment but I read and take note of topics I want to come back to. That is why, for me anyway, that I oftenContinue reading “skirting an issue & justifying another”

Welcome To My Cozy Porch

Last weekend I painted my ugly front door It was hideous as you might recall It’s okay…my feelings won’t be hurt if you agree with me So this week, day by day, I fluffed I added a chair that I had in my kitchen It was dubbed the “queen’s chair” because that is where IContinue reading “Welcome To My Cozy Porch”