my new lamp, my passion for wicker & part 2 of “duck egg”

I’ve come to believe that wicker may never go out of style and even if it does or it seems as if it comes and goes over a span of time, it really never goes out of style, it’s always there, we may not choose to pick it up and add it into our decorContinue reading “my new lamp, my passion for wicker & part 2 of “duck egg””

duck egg

my newest love. duck egg.  as in the color, not an egg.  which by the way, are duck eggs blue? i wouldn’t know.  but i do know that i’m smitten with the paint color ‘duck egg’. can you blame me? it’s so fun to open a fresh can of paint, especially Annie Sloan Chalk PaintContinue reading “duck egg”

31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 4 “the Lamp”

I remember when I found this lamp on a 50% off table about a zillion years ago. Meaning I can’t remember when it hasn’t been around the house. Often times I would unearth in from a closet where I had put it when I had grown tired of it or just couldn’t find a placeContinue reading “31 Days of Before & After ~ Day 4 “the Lamp””